#IntoTheBadlands Season 3, Episode 4 Blind Cannibal Assassins Recap

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The episode starts with Chau’s brother Gaius in a jail cell training, and Chau comes him to ask for his help to take down the Pilgrim, when he refuses, Chau sends some of her clippers in to beat him. They then bring out Gaius beaten body where Chau line up traitorous clippers who assisted Gaius in freeing Chau's cogs. Gaius watches as one is killed and agrees to Chau's plan.

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Sunny, Henry and Bajie are outside the Badlands in a barren wasteland heading to Vulture's Peak to find the Mad Witch. On their way, they run into an old blind man, who offered them a hot meal, with Henry in mind Sunny takes him up on his offer. The blind man mixes something into the food when Sunny and Bajie was not looking.

Nathaniel arrives at the Widow's base camp and introduces himself to Arthur. Arthur question’s Nathaniel, but he showed him a wanted poster of Sunny and Arthur realizes Sunny was lying about being Regent. The medic tells Nathaniel the direction Sunny went, Moon turns to leave, but an angry Arthur belts out over the lack of the Widow's support. Nathaniel shoots his blade into Arthur's shoulder and demands a new commander be put in charge of the camp.

Sunny and Bajie wake up the next morning to discover they were drugged. Henry and all their weapons are missing.

M.K is still out for revenge on Sunny who he believes killed his mother, Tilda tried to stop him but M.K is too angry to listen and leave the refugee camp.

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At the Sanctuary, dozens of fliers with a map blow through the poppy field that read “Follow your path to Pilgrim.”

Chau lays out a map and preps Gaius. She warns him about Pilgrim's two "dark ones" and threatens to kill 50 cogs if he returns without Pilgrim's head.

Sunny and Bajie follow the blindman foot step with lead to an old hospital underground with shelf of stillborn fetuses in jars. When Sunny finds a large armadillo insignia on the wall know that it was no ordinary place. Sunny tells Bajie they need to leave but before they can escape, they're surrounded by a group of armed blindmen.

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Lydia reports to the Widow that close to 200 cogs abandoned the Sanctuary to follow Pilgrim's map. The Widow plans to visit Pilgrim and Lydia insist the Widow bring her along.

M.K. travels through the woods. Nearby, Gaius and a group of fighters look for Pilgrim. M.K.'s wound on his side grows worse.

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Sunny and Bajie are held hostage and quickly notices that these people where canibals. Sunny has a brief flashback of his younger days as a Colt. Jarl and Allisto. Allisto holds Henry and claimed him as their own. They offer Sunny and Bajie a place in their community if they're willing to sacrifice their sight. Jarl gives them a day to decide.

Bajie and Sunny are shackled inside of a morgue to contemplate their decision. Sunny tells Bajie he knows who these people are because he helped put them there. Sunny tell Bajie the story in a flashback, Waldo hands the dagger to Sunny so he can prove himself. He approaches Allisto with the dagger and stabbed her eyes out.

At Pilgrim's fortress, Nix is still worried about Castors condition and voices her concern to Cressida  “Some must die so that others can live,” Cressida says. Cressida tells her that a new dark one has emerged and gives Nix a Chi tracker to find her new brother or sister.

Moon drives through the wasteland, following Sunny's path, and stops at the shack of the old blind who drugged Sunny and Bajie. The old man also offered him a hot meal.

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Lydia and the Widow arrive at Pilgrim's fortress and are stopped by his guards. The Widow notices the Chi tracker as Nix leaves for her journey. From a distance, Gaius and his group prepare to attack. The Widow meets privately with Pilgrim. Cressida shows Lydia to the artifact gallery. Pilgrim tells the Widow he's looking for Azra. She tells him that Azra was a "dusty fable."

Gaius and his fighters emerge from the water surrounding the fortress and take out Pilgrim's guards. While Cressida shows Lydia to a room of sacred artifacts. Lydia and Cressida argue over their believes.

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Gaius's crew sneaks into the fortress, killing Pilgrim's acolytes as they go. Lydia and Cressida join Pilgrim and the Widow again. Pilgrim questions if the Widow's legacy will live on once she's dead. Just then, Gaius launches an arrow at Pilgrim and the Widow throws a knife to block it. Immediately, Pilgrim and the Widow team up against Gaius's crew.

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Meanwhile, Lydia and Cressida take cover in another room, but are pursued by Gaius's team. They join forces to fight back.

Castor cuts himself and goes directly against Gaius, piercing through Gaius's back with a dagger. Castor then goes flying towards the Widow, but Pilgrim utters a command in Azran that shuts down his power before he can hurt her. Castor collapses.

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After the battle, Pilgrim accuses the Widow of staging the fight and saving him just to secure his friendship. Lydia notices the dead Clippers are branded and realizes they belong to Chau. Pilgrim apologizes to the Widow and extends an offer to her to join his crusade. The Widow declines but assures there's no bad blood if he stops recruiting her people. She leaves with Lydia.

Allisto brings Henry to Sunny to ask about the baby's fever. Sunny explains they need to get to a healer named Ankara. She says Henry isn't dying, and that she's had many babies who did. Allisto tells Sunny there story and Sunny confess to being the young man who tool her eye.

Nix uses the Chi tracker to locate M.K. in the woods and uses her dark power to kill a band of nomads trying to capture him. M.K. loses consciousness as Nix approaches him.

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Sunny, Bajie and Moon are left alone, shackled in the morgue. Sunny insists on working together to escape, but Moon doesn't cooperate. Bajie removes his boots so Sunny can tie them together and pull a cart with Moon's weaponized hand sitting on it nearby. Jarl and a few guards enter to ask if Sunny and Bajie will join them. When Sunny refuses, Jarl orders them all dead. Sunny uses Moon's weaponized hand to take them all out. He then frees himself and Bajie, but Moon warns that he still wants to fight Sunny for dishonoring him during their last battle. Sunny leaves him shackled.

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Sunny finds Allisto and takes Henry back. He asks her to come with him, but Allisto refuses to leave upon learning all her people are dead. Sunny apologizes for what he did to her as Allisto draws a knife to end her own life. Sunny and Bajie head back to the morgue to free Moon.

Outside, Moon still wants to battle Sunny and orders Sunny to pick up his old sword. Sunny refuses to continue the viscous cycle they've been trapped  and returns Moon's sword and says, “How you use it is up to you.” Moon decides not to kill Sunny for Henry's sake. They call a truce, but Moon warns Sunny that the Widow still wants him dead and tells him not to come back to the Badlands. Moon goes his separate way. 

I love the episode it was entertaining from start to finish I would give it a 9/10.