#iZombie S3 Ep7 Dirt Nap Time Recap

Last week we left off with the discovery Blaine had been lying about losing his memory, so the gang was excited the cure works! But, when they returned to the lab they realized the syringes had been stolen. Ravi remembered he had given Major one! Unfortunately, Major had given it to Natalie, so we join Team Z at this moment.

The cure napping suspects so far; Blaine and Don E. Liv threatens to beat a confession out of him.

“ I can just picture him-smug,pleased with himself; King of the World!” -Liv

We join Blaine at his lounge act where he is not pleased with himself or anything else in fact. After his lackluster performance and a lukewarm response, he walks out into the alley where he is sucker punched by Liv. Liv in full on zombie mode! I haven’t seen that in awhile!

I love it so much I have a Funko Pop of it!

Liv tries to choke him until Ravi talks her down.

Blaine denies taking the doses.

New brains are courtesy of Mr. Brennen, a teacher at pre-school. Two mothers argue over the affection of one of the dorkiest men on the planet until another woman becomes a suspect of impropriety. This geek sure gets a ton of bored moms. Of course, after the outburst, he is found murdered, and Clive arrives at the scene.

When Ravi and Liv arrive, Clive expects to see a human Liv, but she doesn’t want to discuss what occurred.

The sweet teacher Jamie Brennen who once did puppet voices and played the guitar for kids is now face down in his living room with nails in his head. OUCH!

“I was thinking of ruiling it a homicide…” -Clive

While assesing the scene Clive notices the letters STD36 on the fridge. Meal Time for Liv!

Liv’s peppy teacher brain kicks in and they visit the teacher’s classroom. Jamie’s boss lets Clive know about his womanizing and all the affairs he had with the mom’s every year.

Bring in the suspects.

Back to the sad Blaine land, he is so depressed he can barely function. Poor Blaine!

“What’s it all about…Candy?” -Blaine

At Peyton’s office, she seems to be not handling the break up well either. But she channels her grief through her work.

Over at DA Baracus’ house, Major is hanging out with his Army buddy, the one who helped save his life before the took the cure. Major is of course still trying to keep his human cover, but he decides to come clean. Major makes him promise he will retain the secret, so he doesn’t lose his job.

Back at questioning, another woman is offering up an alibi and Liv is continuing to talk to people like they are five.

Peyton is still working the dominatrix case and trying to get the memory card from the man they arrested. Apparantly the memory card is uber important and no one is getting their hands on it.

Back in the victim’s classroom Clive and Liv continue to question Jamie’s girlfriends. Clive informs this woman that in order to clear her he will have to tell her husband about her affair. It’s okay though! Liv makes it better through sock puppets!


Meanwhile…Major’s army buddies search for the rumored zombie speakeasy. They find it but in order to get in you must eat a piece of brain laces with the hottest of hot sauces whichmakes Major nervous. But just in time, Don E walks by and vouches for them all. In The Scratching Post they go! Close call Major!

The boys have entered zombie mecca and are loving every minute of it.

“Hey, dead bitches! Are we having fun yet?” -Don E

The next day at the lab, Major bring the news of the bar back to the lab. They ponder where all the new zombies are coming from and where they are getting all the brains for the servings galore. Liv wants to find out when she goes down to ask Don E about the stolen doses. But they aren’t too keen on Liv going into badass land alone on her brains so Major suggests taking his buddy Justin, who just happens to be into her.

As soon as Major and Ravi begin teasing her with a silly song, Liv gets her first vision. It’s about Piper the girl whom though she was exclusive with Jamie. Liv agrees to bring Justin to the Scratching Post but before that she needs to get with Clive and Piper.

Piper says she was at Jamie’s house the night he was murdered to break it off but Liv knows different.

Back at Peyton’s office, the public defender on the Wexler-dom case informs her he hung himself in his cell, I am guessing because of whatever was on that file.

Clive and Liv are still working the pre-school case and Liv gets another vision (for which she receives a star)! Jamie was on a date with Macy where they saw a car drive away with the license plate STD36, which is what they saw on Jamie’s fridge earlier. Turns out the car belongs to a P.I.

Liv and Justin head to the zombie bar to pay a visit to Don E. But in the meantime, they flirt and drink. It seems like Liv is finally ready to move on!

The fun is finally interrupted by Mr. Oboxious. Liv questions him, but he denies it and seems genuine. Which only leaves… no one!

Back at depressing-village, Blaine enters the storeroom to see his deliveries haven’t gone out. Don E and his goons have Candy upstairs. Don E informs Blaine he is taking all his clients but offers to buy up the rest of his product. But before they leave, one of the goons has a message from Blaine’s dad.

A gunshot wound…

But before said goon finishes it off, Blaine offers him a deal he cannot refuse…

Liv and Clive pay a visit to the private eye following their victim. They get the information they need and bring in woman who said she was in an open relationship and didn’t care if they told her husband about the affair with Jamie. The woman’s husband is the nail gun murderer. Case Closed.

Back at the lab, Peyton pays a visit to Ravi concerning the dom killer. I am still #teambleyton but conflicted.

Peyton wants Liv to eat Wexler’s brains to see if there is any foul play involved and Ravi shoes her how the blue juice can speed it up.

Major and Justin discuss Liv over beers. AWKWARD! Justin thinks she just not that into him but Major shows him otherwise with a decorated note.

Justin gets a call about the zombie hater they are tracking and they run off to catch him. When they do they discover a whole arsenal perfect for zombie hunting. When they try to escape they accidently hit Justin and get an up close and personal taste of what full on zombie mode looks like-plus they caught it on video. Not good!

Episode Grade: 9.5