#iZombie S3 Episode 3 "Eat, Pray, Liv" Recap/Review with Spoilers

"Eat, Pray,Liv"

Zombie Dark Thirty

We join Major in an intense session of zombie army training.  What is it about a man in uniform? Looking good Major!

"Lunch time! Get 'em while their goopy!" -army dude

Major is not too thrilled with the processed brains given out at zombie training. He's gotten used to Liv's yummy brainy dishes. Back at the place he shares with his "best bud" Ravi he complains about the food to a still obviously depressed Ravi. The upside to the army brains is they are made of a formula that prevents visions which Major is happy about so he can focus on finding Natalie again. Can't he eat those teen girl brains every week though?

Meanwhile at a snazzy piano bar something extremely curious is taking place! Peyton is dressed to kill and Blaine is performing at the piano bar!

So, of course, the Bleyton shippers are excited! Blaine explains this is his new gig. I couldn't be happier-love to hear Blaine sing or, do anything really...

Blaine seeks legal advice from Peyton. Says he got a call from his dad's lawyer. Reminder: Blaine's dad was recently unfrozen unbeknownst to Blaine. She agrees to help with some very obvious flirtatious undertones. I am still TEAM RAVI!


Which takes to the "death of the week," a yoga studio. Our latest meal for Liv is suddenly bludgeoned to death. Death by Buddha statue! That's just wrong!

Clive is on the scene and we learn the victim is Topher, a powerful mindfulness teacher. ROLLS EYES.

"Topher said he only had one enemy, the inability to accept the gift of change..."-Ladybird (Witness)

Clive explains the situation to Ravi and Liv as another cop on the scene finds a possible witness. A drunk homeless man who claims to have seen a subject flee the scene with a trash bag. Liv and Clive check out a dumpster in the alley where Clive decides to take a dive.

Clive scores! He finds a trash bad with a bloody shoe and then suggests Liv has Topher lunch and he takes a much needed shower!

Back at the lab Liv concocts some "special teas for her and Ravi..." She accidently gives him the one spike with brains and is grossed out by his penchant for almond milk! SHE is grossed out????

Poor Ravi. Just not his week!

Ravi ponders if Topher died with any regrets...he needs to take action with his Peyton problem STAT! Soon Ravi's old boss, Katty arrives at the lab. She is still trying to figure out the weird issues with the zombies bodies. She is quite curious which could definitely present a problem for the team. Just then Liv's guru brains kick in and she gets philosophical on us. Katty has definitely been doing her homework on mysterious death cases involving zombies. Just like the Supermax case she has found evidence of another woman found dead with human brains in her system. Plus, the condition of the body indicated she had died months before her actual death.

"So now Seattle is Ground Zero for this investigation!" -Katty

Meanwhile at Peyton's office...

Ravi pays a much overdue visit! Brrr...it's cold in there! He apologizes for his jealousy over Blaine but can't seem to help that it irks him to no end. He admits to replaying the sexual encounter over and over again in his head. Peyton gives him the what for.

"Your opinion in this matter is irrelevant!" -Peyton
She's NOT wrong!

Back at Blaine's funeral home...

Blaine is awaiting Peyton's arrival for the meeting with his dad's lawyer.  He is still not sure why this meeting is happening due to his ongoing memory loss.

As Blaine makes small talk with his visitors, Peyton arrives to inform Blaine he is talking to his father. Blaine is shocked but agrees he is not entitled to money from the will considering his father is alive and happily signs the documents needed to avoid it.

"Once you get back on your feet we should uh...well, you tell me. What is it we used to do together?" -Blaine

Dad has no problem telling Blaine he was a crappy son! Peyton kicks them out and they gladly leave. But I doubt it's the last we will see of Blaine's father.

Back at the Police Station Liv is on Zen brains and is here to help. Mostly with philosophical observations. We find out Topher was mixed up in some shady business. so we could have a suspect.

Major is back at army training but isn't quite the star student yet. He makes a new friend, Justin who explains they are just a couple of rookies in the midst of former mercenaries and real army men who caught the zombie bug. Justin leaves with words of encouragement just as Major experiences a cough attack. He's not looking so hot,

But he marches on with his search for Natalie and visits Blaine for information. Major tells him what he did to Natalie and Blaine admits maybe his dad had a point! Major asks Blaine if he remembers what it felt like before Blaine took the cure when he was dying. He doesn't of course but says he's sure it wasn't good. Major is getting concerned. Blaine is able to help major with the Natalie search but he's worried he doesn't have long to find her.

Meanwhile, Blaine's Dad and his minion are looking to set up a business, Looks like a Zombie bar maybe? Humans allowed but only for the appetizers. They start dreaming creative ways to keep the establishment zombie's only.

Back at the lab...Ravi is giving Major a physical.

Major is deteriorating rapidly. He has weeks and then he will have to take the cure. Which means memory wipe, just like Blaine.

"Identity is just a hallucination of the unenlightened mind anyway!"-Liv

Ravi is not ready to give up on him. Remember he has been working on a serum to reverse memory loss and says it's ready. Well-hypothetically. it hasn't been tested on anyone but rats. Hmmm...who could they test it on? Blaine!!! But Blaine doesn't trust them.

If only there was someone he did trust. Let's think!



Liv gets a text from Clive about the murder suspect...so off to the police station.

The suspect seems way too cocky and clueless to be their man. Plus, if the shoe doesn't fit; you must acquit!  But he does offer up his theory on who might have done it and this time-the shoe fits! But this guy isn't quite right either, he states his shoes were stolen when he came home one night and felt the "energy" in his place was all wrong.  Plus look at him...he just doesn't seem murdery to me!


Meanwhile at the lab, Ravi is frustrated in his quest to save Major from experiencing the side effects from the cure.

Suddenly, Katty appears with more information about her victim with the brains in her digestive tract. She tells Ravi the girl was at the infamous boat party the day before she died. Whoa!

Ravi plays dumb but she doesn't notice and invites him to dinner.

Liv and Clive are on a stake out. As they argue about methods, a uniform drives up and tells him someone complained about a pimp yelling at a hooker in a car outside her house. Meaning Clive and Liv! Clive notices a curtain close above so they pay the nosy neighbor a visit. They are trying to find the original homeless man who was the witness to the tail-end of the crime. The lady explains she has seen the homeless man running down the alley and throwing a garbage bag in the dumpster. Witness now becomes main suspect.

I just noticed Liv hasn't had one vision during this entire episode. Wonder what's up with that?

Back at zombie army training...Major has finally become the badass trainee we all knew he could be and gets a pat on the back from his commander.

Later Liv shows up at Major's house to some jams being blasted. When she enters she finds Major and his new army pal playing Dance Dance Revolution!

Liv joins the party and as Major is making brainy appetizers, he has a cough attack. He longingly looks at Liv as she dances with Justin. He knows his death is imminent if he doesn't take the cure but the thought of not remembering his love for Liv is truly heartbreaking.

Back at the station, turns out creepy Mitch from earlier actually posed as the homeless man to murder Topher. A little confused on how we got there...but I'll roll with it. Something about money and a letter from Prison but I am pretty bored with this murder investigation so luckily the beautiful Peyton arrives to give me a much needed distraction!

Back at the lab Major, Ravi and Blaine are discussing Blaine's new career as a lounge singer as Peyton and Liv show up. THE GANG'S ALL HERE!

Ravi explains about the serum that can possibly eradicate the memory loss.

Ravi gives his best sales pitch to the skeptical Blaine.

Peyton: Could it kill him?

Ravi: It probably won't.

Peyton: But it could...

Problem is, Blaine doesn't WANT to remember the person he is. But Ravi makes a fair argument that he basically owes them this It's a chance to atone!

Ravi begins to scream and Peyton asks a simple question. Why are you being such a dick?

"Isn't obvious? It's because I'm in love with you!" -Ravi

Apparently, the love confession or all the passion in the room moves Blaine and he agrees to be the guinea pig. Blaine! I just love you!

We return to a much spruced up version of Blaine's dad's new zombie club complete with a new moniker.

ooI'm going to take a wild guess and assume this place will become very important in the new future. I am still worrying what's going to happen to Blaine if he gets his memory back! Blaine's dad should be worried about that too.

Back at Ravi's, Peyton pays an intense visit. She can't understand that if he loves her why has he been so bloody awful to her. I don't get it either Peyton. MEN!

"Don't you get it? The one thing that is stopping us from happening is YOU!" -Peyton to Ravi

YES! But then.... Peyton here's a noise....

BUSTED! What's a girl to do? So she goes back to...well, you know.

BUSTED! What's a girl to do? So she goes back to...well, you know.


I thought it was good but the murder story was fairly boring for me. I am enjoying the Blaine Ravi rivalry and want to see more of that!