#iZombie Season 3 Premiere "Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother" Recap/Review & Spoilers

Episode Grade 9

“Someday soon Seattle’s going to be the capital of the Zombie Homeland and a lot of people aren’t going to want to see that happen. So, are you with us or against us?” -Vivian Stoll

We rejoin Team Z where we left off at the end of Season 2, shortly after the Max Rager Prison themed party which almost kicked off the Zombie Apocalypse.

Chaos has erupted outside the Max Rager party as Liv, Major and Clive try to conjure up a good cover story with the ever-suspicious Vivian. Clive is the only non-Zombie of the group! Liv decides to use the party as a cover for finding the Chaos Killer victims. Vivian wants to take the zombies back to her “campus” to debrief them and make sure they have their stories straight before going to the press. Vivian and her team blow up the building making sure to get rid of any evidence of the stuff that went down in there. Good call Vivian!

Meanwhile on the other side of town…

Ravi, Blaine, and Peyton are being debriefed by the police following Peyton’s rescue from the clutches of Mr. Boss. The officer asks Peyton the big question, “Why you?” highlighting the tension of the now love triangle forming between these three. We are reminded of Blaine and Peyton’s brief affair.

Peyton and Ravi just hooked up and now Peyton is questioning her true feelings for Blaine. Funny thing is, so is Blaine! He can’t remember WHAT he feels for her if anything.

This takes us back to Liv who is still on soldier brains and serving up drinks for an uncomfortable crew. The soldier brain effect is keeping her from dealing with the fact that she just killed her boyfriend, Drake. (reminder: Drake had turned into a full-on zombie which is what happens when zombies don’t eat brains. So, she had to shoot him in the head.)

Liv proposes to the group that from now on, no more secrets! Clive reluctantly agrees although he says he prefers being out of the loop which is understandable. The main topic on the table is trying to figure out what Vivian meant by Seattle becoming a Zombie Homeland. They decide a visit is in order.

Blaine is back at his funeral parlor and although his memory is still gone it seems like he is getting some of his gravitas back. He realizes he is the owner of the place and deserves whatever money is missing. He finally stands up to the dense zombie that turned the tables on him when he lost his memory. A hint of the old Blaine shines through, finally!

Major and Ravi return to a vandalized home and realize their nightmare is just beginning.

Back at Zombieland, a.k.a Vivian’s office, Major is on the phone still looking for Natalie, the zombie he froze and promised to be there for when she woke up, she is still missing. Clive arrives and him, Major and Liv go up to Vivian’s office to find out what she is up to. Clive is questioning everything he knows about the world around him. Who is a zombie, who isn’t and what does it all mean? Vivian is confident the Chaos Killer cover story is working like a charm. Liv lets her know she has told the others of her statement about Seattle becoming a Zombie Homeland. Vivian explains they are preparing for Discovery Day, the day when humans learn about the existence of zombies.

This leads us to the big question of where the show is headed. What could happen if all humans discover the existence of zombies? Vivian is preparing for the more likely negative response by basically building a zombie army, fully prepped with barrels of SuperMax, the formula that makes zombies stronger. Vivian gives the impression she is almost waiting for this to happen and is excited about it.  She begins her visual presentation for the gang.

“You are moving all zombies to their own island?” -Liv

Vivian has begun construction of a self-segregating island where zombies can live in peace. Interesting!

As Vivian gives the gang a tour of her property, she tells her personal zombie backstory. Her husband, who cofounded the company, was scratched and then blackmailed for brains. (Sound familiar Blaine)? Vivian scratched herself with his hand while he was asleep so they could be together without consequence. After her husband found his own brain supply and blew off his blackmailer, he went missing. Now Vivian wants revenge against anyone perpetrating zombie on zombie crime!

“There are Zombie children?”-Clive

Vivian explains how she saved a bunch of children by turning them into zombies and shows them the classroom where they are all attending school. This is where Clive gets a rude awakening. He sees the familiar face of a boy he knows. Just when one might think Clive wasn’t down with Team Z, an undead child gives him a reason to join. The little boy, Wally, says what we are all thinking at times, that maybe Liv should dye her hair and get a little spray tan! Vivian goes on to warn them that the Zombie Apocalypse will get ugly and they need to be prepared. Liv is the only person that really has faith in humanity.

Back at the lab, Liv is feeling hungry but she doesn’t want the soldier brain out of her system for fear of having to face the loss of Drake. Ravi is still sulking over Blaine’s heroics over Peyton wishing he could turn off his feelings for a moment.

Speaking of Blaine, he is back at the funeral parlor where the radio is mourning the loss of Rob Thomas who remember was killed and had his brains eaten by Vivian’s crew. Wonder if any of them are constructing some smooth tunes for the new generation while rolling on his brains. As Blaine channels, his inner Rob Thomas, Peyton pays him an awkward visit. She informs him Mr. Boss has fled the country but assures him that he is probably gone for good. The real reason Peyton is visiting is to thank Blaine for saving her.

Major is on a coffee break and still getting used to his infamous status as the now cleared Chaos Killer.

In the lab, Ravi shows Clive his doses of “the cure,” while he explains what could happen to Blaine down the road after taking it. We learn Ravi is working on a new formula to eradicate the memory loss side effects. Liv stops by to announce she heard a radio announcement from a right-wing conspiracy commentator, Chuck Bird. Seems there is a witness from the Max Rager party that is willing to talk-NOT GOOD! They realize they need to stop the interview. They rush the recording room but not before the security guard witness spills the beans about people eating brains. As Clive and Liv drive back to the police station, the soldier brains in Liv’s system finally start to wear off and she becomes emotional. She goes back to the lab and gets some well-deserved sleep.

Ravi, also emotional, ignore Peyton’s cries for help so she turns to Blaine. (saw that coming…)

Meanwhile, Donny, the dense zombie does something not so dense and unfreezes Blaine’s dad with the intention of taking down the newly confident Blaine.

Liv is craving a new brain and just on time, a murder victim is delivered to the morgue. Ravi’s boss from the CDC arrives to assist with the new body. Turns out the body is from the Max Rager party and has brains in its digestive tract which is a cause of concern for Ravi’s boss. Liv and Ravi flee questions and head to a murder scene where they meet up with the cop, Cavanaugh. The scene is pretty gruesome with multiple bodies. One of the bodies has a gun-shot wound but suspiciously not much blood and a few cans of Max Rager in his coat pockets. Liv notices a license plate on the wall that reads, Wally, same name as the kid from Vivian’s zombie school and acquaintance of Clive. Clive comes to the realization this was a zombie specific murder and calls it a warning shot from the humans.

“Humans aren’t ready for the truth Clive, zombies need protection.” -Liv

Liv tells Clive they cannot let the truth about zombies get out and he agrees. Clive promises revenge on the perpetrator who committed the murder.

As the final music plays we see Vivian on the phone getting the news about Wally’s family and heads down to the classroom to talk to the children. Liv arrives and seems to tell Vivian she is ready to play ball. As she is leaving she catches a glimpse of Major jogging on the grounds. Seems like the only job a suspected serial killer can get is with a Zombie Apocalypse army.