#iZombie Season 3 Episode 12 "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1," Recap/Review

Behold the second to last episode of the season and there are still so many questions!

Was Vivian actually killed in the helicopter crash? Who killed Wally and his family? How is the Weckler case connected to everything? 

and... just what exactly is Chace Graves up to besides looking incredibly hot?

Last week we found out Harley John’s was turned into a zombie during the scuffle and this week we join him in his bunker where Clive and Liv have secured him and are trying to feed him brains. He’s resistant to acting like the monster he's been turned into- but finally gives in which allows Major to knock him out so they can freeze him until they figure out what to do with him.

Over at the lab, Ravi shows Liv the front page with her face on it. Granted it’s a low-level trash rag but it’s enough to make Liv panic. Ravi gets a sudden visit from Katty, his old boss from the CDC, who is concerned about the article and lets him know as Liv hides under the desk. Katty tells Ravi not to focus on the silly zombie stuff, which apparently got him fired from his last job, and to focus on the new Aleutian Flu virus that’s becoming an epidemic.

Meanwhile, it seems every season is crap on Major season. This guy just cannot catch a break! We all know that Fillmore Graves is the only place the “chaos killer” feels safe ever since "Shady Shawna" posted all his goodies on the internet. Of course, Chace Graves has discovered he is not a zombie and Major gets fired. THANK GOD! Luckily, his boys do not turn against him and decide to throw him one last bro-bash!

“You might be human, but you’re one of the good ones!” -Justin

Peyton and Liv discuss the Weckler case and Liv’s new notoriety.

“A cute monster!” -Peyton (referring to Liv's cover girl look)

Which leads us to the unveiling of OG Liv!

Over at the lab, Liv is running late and Rachel (ugh) pays a visit to Ravi, actually trying to get more information out of him! The nerve of that girl! Ravi tries to get rid of her so she doesn’t see Liv but luckily, Liv arrives tanned and dyed!

The brains of the week arrive and at the crime scene, much to Ravi’s horror, the body of  his old boss Katty, the one that paid him a visit earlier is discovered. She was bludgeoned on the head and stabbed around the corner from a hotel that she possessed a key card to. Let the investigation begin!

Liv wants to know if there is anything weird she needs to know about Katty before she makes her tasty treat. Ravi says nothing except she might find herself attracted to him…Ravi had previously had some hate sex with her a few times.

“So much for nothing weird!” -Liv

Clive brings in Katty’s work things-she was in Seattle working on this flu outbreak thing. Apparently, much of her work is done in bars considering the amount of writing on cocktail napkins. Mostly she had been interviewing people on a flight from Paris to Seattle and there were four passengers she had not finished so it’s off to work for these three.

Ravi in concerned the outbreak may be cause by bio-terrorism and we learn Clive is a MAJOR germaphobe. It’s hilarious!

As they interview the first passenger, Liv gets a vision! It’s literally the best vision ever because it’s of sex-WITH RAVI! #teamravioli (look it up if you don’t get the reference). Awkward!

As sexy as Ravi is, I can see why Liv is disgusted!

The fun continues and she proceeds to gets another one and then she cannot dare look at him anymore.

“Oh, please for the love of all things good and holy just make this stop!” -Liv

The interview continues and we get some racist remarks about a passenger next to her being like Ravi (brown). Of course, when they bring him in he is like a pussycat. They interview him but now Ravi is forced to stand at the back of the room with Clive.

Over at Peyton’s office, Barracus offers Peyton his Chief of Staff position. Mostly because he knows that she knows about the existence of zombies. She is hesitant because she still thinks he might be a murderer but he manages to lower her suspicion.

Over at sulking Major’s, he receives a text from the beautiful Natalie who happens to be in town.

She asks him to meet him at the space needle, but she turns up at his front door wearing a "Chaos Killer" T-shirt and looking smokin’ per usual. Dare we be happy for Major again in hopes his luck will turn around?

“Oh, come on, like I’d be seen at the Space Needle with the Chaos Killer?” -Natalie

Anytime we see a smile like this it never turns out well for him.

So, of course, they sit on the couch and catch up on everything. Natalie thanks Major for saving her and I am sure is about to thank him properly here in the next half hour.

She is gorgeous…

Liv is out looking for clues while dressed to the nines at the hotel bar where Katty was staying. The brains she is on have made her into quite the flirt and she loses her head for a minute and almost goes to bed with a random guy at the bar! Liv!

Back at the lab, Liv still won’t look at Ravi while they are working.

“It’s not my fault we brain banged!” -Ravi        

Peyton stops by to inform Liv of her new offer and Liv encourages it.

Liv heads out to the hotel bar again and chats up a warm body. I am guessing Katty was not too picky about her conquests. She almost goes to his room as well but luckily stops herself. She calls up Justin to solidify their relationship status.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you…we’re zombies.” -Justin

After helping Natalie move, Major gets a rub down from Natalie and pulls a "Raider’s of the Lost Ark" move…nice one Major!

It works and Major and Natalie plan a happy future after she invites him to live with her in Italy. Happy ending?

Over at Harley’s compound, his idiot friends have let his body out of the ice box not knowing he is a zombie. He defrosts on the couch while they watch the news and…I don’t see this ending well for them.

And it doesn’t…

Clive takes Liv to the bar Katty frequented, hoping to spark a vision. She doesn’t tell him she’s been a bar fly there for the past few days but it becomes obvious when she is recognized. Clive doesn’t seem to notice but Liv does realize what she has been doing, and why, when she discovers Katty goes home with a different man every night.


Clive interview the last passenger and discovers a man switched seats with a man in coach so he could sit with his wife. It turns out to be the very seat Katty has scribbled on a cocktail napkin, 17D. Bingo!

Meanwhile, Major's going away party is in full swing and Liv is supposed to meet Justin there but the brain she’s on has other plans.

She actually tries to leave the bar when this happens…

Enough said!

So, the two have flirty drinks and Liv is acting like quite the little seductress. This time she doesn’t have to resist the urges because Chace is a zombie too. So of course, she doesn’t resist and honestly-I can’t blame her!

Meanwhile, Clive has discovered who was sitting in 17D-it just happens to be a friend of zombie child Tatum Weckler. Not only that, Patrice (the passenger on the Paris flight), also happens to be the daughter of Fillmore Graves brass, Carey Gold. This is just too much of a coincidence so I am guessing it’s NOT!

Back at party central, Major is being toasted in the sweetest way before Justin asks to talk to him outside. He’s worried about where Liv might be and well, he really should be.

Back in Chace’s room Liv is feeling a little guilty.

To quote my friend Allyson Alford, “this episode is worth it for the shot of Jason brushing his teeth alone.”



In lieu of more of my boring description of how incredible sexy Jason Dohring (Chace Graves) is, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure…

Chace chats as Liv starts to gather herself to leave. He even tells her he has been thinking about her since the Barracus fundraiser.

But Liv finds a cocktail napkin with Katty’s name and room number written down so…what the hell? Could Chace be the killer? I think Fillmore Graves is behind it.

  “Sure I can’t talk you into staying? Or at least joining me in the shower?”  -Chace

“Sure I can’t talk you into staying? Or at least joining me in the shower?” -Chace

Mmmm…tough to resist THAT offer!

Back at the party, the boys grow suspicious of a random dude drinking beer that does not seem to belong.


Turns out it’s Harley, fresh off his brain feed and ready to do some damage via suicide vest.

“Zombies are an abomination, that’s what we are abominations!” -Harley

And with that he blows the entire party into teeny bits-Major and Justin are still outside but everyone else (including a bunch of soldiers and Natalie) is inside when it happens.

Talk about going out with a bang!

I know its wishful thinking, but I hope Natalie got out someway! 

To be continued…

Episode Rating: 9 out of 10.

I want to give it a 10, but I am going 9. Only because I wanted to see more Ravi visions (although these was probably too much to cover in this episode so why not a longer season???) and Blaine was not in it which is always a minus in my book!