#iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 "Zombie Knows Best." Recap with Spoilers

What’s Clive got to do with it?

So, last week we discovered little undead Wally’s family was murdered because they were zombies which, if you recall, brought Clive around to the whole “zombie thing.” Tonight, Detective Cavanaugh informs him HE is Wally’s in case of emergency contact. So, while Clive tries to make the connection somewhat casual, Cavanaugh shuts him down with a very personal photo of Clive with Wally.

SIDE NOTE: This show has the BEST title sequence!

Shot through the head and who’s to blame?

Flashback…four days earlier in the morgue, Ravi is presenting the facts from the triple homicide, as a sullen Clive looks on. Cavanaugh is definitely suspicious. Why exactly did Fillmore-Graves, a private military contractor, buy out an energy drink company? Good question!

Which brings us back to Cavanaugh questioning Clive about his relationship to Wally. His story is explained through flashbacks from when they were neighbors. Clive can hear Wally’s father yelling at his mother and then smacking her. The Clive we know and love would never stand for that so he intervenes with his badge, his muscle and introduces him to his handcuffs. Cavanaugh now sees why he is the in case of emergency go to.

Back at the lab, Clive informs Liv that its obvious Cavanaugh will now be investigating Fillmore so they agree to give them a heads up. Clive is officially on Team Z!

Of course, our team needs its brains and obviously, the recent murder victims are zombies so we don’t wish for death but s*** happens. A teenage girl is being annoyed by her father as he sings eighties metal ballads. Just as he is about to give her the old “fifteen won’t last forever speech,” a car slams into them. Fresh Brains!

Flat Stanley…

“Oh, two brains! That is convenient!” -Ravi

Back at the lab, we finally get back to the wild ways of Liv’s creative brain dishes.

Fire up the grill! Chili dogs!

Poor Clive, he is still adjusting. Major arrives for chow time. His choices: the dad, Stanley or his fifteen-year-old angst-ridden daughter.

“You should eat the daughter…words I never thought I’d hear myself saying.” -Clive

Major is reluctant to be on the teen brain due to his ongoing search for Natalie and his recent zombie army gig. He agrees with them anyway since Liv has already partaken in the Stanley dog and we need her visions to help solve the mystery as well.

Anyone else queasy? Besides Clive that is?

Major shares he might be getting close to finding Natalie. When he was on Janko's brains he had a vision of her whispering a phone number to him.

Ravi and Major relax at the lab as Ravi continues to mope about Blaine and Peyton. Lucky for us, the teen brains start kicking in.


I can honestly say there is literally nothing much better to watch than Major on teenage girl brains! Like for real...totes!

Major jams to Katy Perry to Ravi’s dismay as Liv and Clive return and Liv starts acting exactly like a father to a teenage daughter.

Back at Fillmore, Major is in the locker room at mercenary training with a gaggle of heavily muscled dudes. He starts inappropriately commenting on their physique in his best teen voice. Luckily, he can easily explain away his behavior due to his ability to be openly zombie. As Major tries to get opinions on his multiple selfies, he has a flashback. Stanley was telling teen girl that they needed to take something on her IPhone to the authorities and she argued that Winslow would never forgive her.

Is there anything better than this part?

Is there anything better than this part?

Meanwhile at the lab, Clive has been investigating the name Winslow and has some promising leads. Major continues to annoy with his he's all  and she's all " teen speak." He does however share something he learned in the locker room about a formula the guys take so they don’t have visions and personality changes. If it weren’t for the pending murder to solve, I am sure they would all be force feeding it to Major stat!

Out of nowhere a goth like figure enters for Clive and announces he has been summoned. He actually looks like someone who would do the summoning but okay…

Clive has sent for someone from IT to retrieve information from teen girls smashed to bits phone. (Her name is Cindy. I don’t know why I missed it before.)

Liv and Clive visit Fillmore aka Zombieland to find political posters on Vivian’s desk. Apparently, Viv is supporting a zombie for Mayor.

“I hope he doesn’t scratch any babies while he’s out working the trail.” -Clive

Juggling two cases, Liv and Clive are hoping Vivian can help them with the Wally case. Vivian states the obvious suspects- HUMANS! Specifically, the kind that want to eradicate zombies. Although humans don’t technically know about zombies yet, the effects of last week’s confession on the Chuck Bird show has started an alt movement against zombies-so there are believers!

Liv and Clive talk to Wally’s teacher and she shares that her undead students are worried. They want to know when the humans are coming to get them.

Jump ahead to the beginning when Cavanaugh was trying to get the skinny from Clive on his relationship with the victims. Flashback to the first time a reluctant Clive babysat Wally after getting rid of his abusive dad. Apparently, Wally is responsible for getting Clive hooked on Game of Thrones!

Clive, Liv and Major head to the police station to interview Cindy’s friend, Winslow. As they grill her about her recent falling out with her friend, Major has a major teen moment and as Liv goes to scold him, she has a vision which prompts her to ask Winslow about exactly what they fought over. Before she can get an answer, Winslow spots her stepdad and insists she must leave. As Liv gazes over at said stepdad it becomes obvious he is nothing but bad news!

Bare and Illegal

Still at the station, Clive is getting more annoyed by the minute at Major’s teen girl behavior. Who wouldn’t? Liv explains she saw what was on Cindy’s phone. A selfie of Winslow in bed with a 40 something shirtless man-the stepfather.

“I’m like SO grossed out right now!” -Major Agreed, Major.

Everything becomes clear…Flat Stanley wanted to go to the police because he saw the photo of Winslow and her stepdad and it was most likely him who killed them to stop it. Unfortunately, zombie visions are not grounds for arrest quite yet. We hope that goth boy gets something off the smashed phone. Clive heads out to find a judge to get a warrant for Winslow’s phone and Liv and Major have a heartfelt father daughter moment. Well, she tries anyway and Major leaves with an eye roll and a “don’t even.”


Liv and Clive head to Winslow’s parents place of business, which is ironically a plant nursery. As they confront creepy step dad about his whereabouts during the murder, Winslow and her mom arrive with an attitude. They present them with a warrant for Winslow’s phone to a horrified look on Winslow and she hands it over.

Back at the lab, thanks to her super dad brains, Liv has been playing lab handy man. Ravi confesses he too is having trouble controlling his emotions due to his recent obsession over Peyton and Blaine. My ship name for them is Bleyton! Liv gives him some solid fatherly advice. Clive arrives with news that Winslow received a citation for driving without a license recently and it was a stick shift, important because her stepdad’s giant truck has a stick shift and we thought there was no way she could have driven the thing.

Gross Busters

At the police station Clive is trying to figure out how to deal with the case as there just isn’t enough to arrest anyone. His main goal is to get Winslow away from her abuser. This leads him to think about Wally again and we flash back to a scene which gives the impression Wally’s mom a Clive got pretty cozy at one point.

Winslow and her mom enter and jolt Clive from his fantasy of a former domesticated bliss. Even more so when she claims her husband WAS the one who killed Stan and Cindy Chapman. Why I keep missing everyone’s name in this episode is beyond me!!! This is just the break Clive has been waiting for! Winslow has come clean about her affair with her mother’s husband…Ben? Len? Ken! Apparently, Ken has left town unexpectedly. Winslow confesses she told Cindy about the affair and Cindy and her dad threatened to go to the police.

Just in time, Criss Angel tech edition is back! Despite the fact that he looks like he should be leading a Wiccan meeting at the moment, he has salvaged something off the destroyed phone-deleted texts. Clive and Liv cannot figure out how Ken would know the Chen’s were threatening police action. Turns out, mom has downloaded the app Tinker Spy on her phone so she has full access to her texts, including the one’s from Cindy.

Of course, once mom is found it she pulls the old blame the child for sleeping with her husband routine. So, Ken is in the clear and mom gets arrested for the Chen murders.

Case Closed. Although I am a little worried about Ken now, especially since I finally know his name! But then I remember he is a creepy child molester so who really cares. Winslow is off to live with her father and Clive puts a APB out on Ken.

Ravi arrives to discuss a clip he heard on the Chuck Bird show, a man had found brains in his neighbor’s trash. Clive gets an address. The caller lived next door to Wally’s family so Clive is without a doubt concerned. Clive and Liv interrogate the neighbor about the murder but get way more than they bargained for! He tells them it’s not like he’s the only one who knew Wally’s family were zombies. Seems message boards have popped up discussing and outing zombies on the internet; including the Max Rager incident. The website he shows them not only talks about stockpiling for the Zombie Apocalypse but gives an Ariel shot of Wally’s home. NOT GOOD! The suspect list just got a million times larger!

Clive and Liv pay Vivian a visit. Vivian is shocked that things are moving so fast. During the chat, Clive gets a phone call about Ken using a credit card in Tacoma so he rushes off to nab him. It’s clear Clive is feeling the pressure. After he takes care of Ken we are brought full circle to the beginning of the episode where Cavanaugh is questioning Clive. He asks them why he lost touch with them. Clive explains he was deep undercover on a case and when he got back they had left. Anna had taken Wally to live with her brother and start a new life. The episode ends with a brooding Clive wishing things could have turned out differently.

Episode Rating: 9.

The show was practically perfect but I will only give it a nine because-NO BLAINE!