#iZombie Season 3 Episode 8 "Eat a Knievel" Recap & Review

Blaine is BACK!

This week we join Blaine after he was shot as he makes some sort of deal with his killer. He has two requests, one- to know where the new brain supplier is and the other…

I may be a little tired when I write this so I am thinking to be turned into a zombie so he can live through the gunshot wound? I could be wrong but it’s okay…been a long week!

Over at Fillmore Graves the Team is reviewing the tape that turned up online of Justin in full zombie mode. Luckily, most of the internet is suspicious it’s all a fake but there are enough believers out there to make them nervous. All is okay for now, except Vivian knows Major isn’t a zombie anymore and definitely wants to know then how and why.


Unfortunately, before she has a chance to find out, her helicopter explodes on the way to her new zombie island retreat. Very concerning!

RIP Vivian…or not? I think she may have faked her death for some reason.

While Liv thinks Harley Johns and his anti-zombie movement is the culprit, Clive thinks it’s way too advanced for the likes of them. Plus, they aren’t taking ISIS like credit for on the net. Word has it that now Vivian is gone her brother in law, Chace Graves is on his way to head up FG.

Veronica Mars fans listen up! Chace will be played by Jason Dohring! Woo Hoo!

Ravi finds one of Harley’s gatherings and him and Liv think it might be a good idea to go undercover. Liv DOES have experience to act like someone else!

Time for the brains-case of the week. A Jackass (do Millennials know Jackass and Johnny Knoxville)? like guy named Finn, pulls a stunt on motorcycle while on fire.

Unfortunately, someone has pulled a switcheroo on his flame retardant outfit and he burns alive. OUCH! I am thinking the brain of the week is going to be very similar to frat boy brains except with much pain and more practical jokes.

At the crime scene Clive learns of the popularity of Finvincible and his “Stunted Growth”, a sort of Jackass slash Punked combo series and apparently a favorite of Ravi’s.

“Twenty-three thousand subscribers can’t be wrong.” -Ravi

Just in time, suspect number one arrives in a panic demanding to see the liner of the stunt suit which is of course the wrong one. He explains that Finn did piss off many but the people whom worked on the show loved him.

Back at the lab brain meal of the week is…ummm…. fried in a pan with a ton of spice poured on?

Meanwhile at The Scratching post, Don E and his bitch are dragging in a huge crate and Blaine’s dad, Angus, learns about Fillmore Graves being a zombie run organization and is deeply intrigued.

“I’ve seen the future and the future is brains!” -Angus

At the station, the show crew has arrived drunk and are already causing a scene but Liv is on their level and ready to handle the situation, as always. Her helping mostly consists of trying to staple a guy’s tongue to the table. Clive, as always, has to be a buzzkill and actually proceed with the interrogation. The guys tell him that Finn did actually make the camera man angry once but will not talk because of the non-disclosure agreement they signed. Clive and Liv head down to a shoot, ironically for DA Barracus where they meet up with Kong. But he is no help either due to the NDA.

Back at Blaine’s work he is looking worn out and seeming to be preparing for some sort of ultimate showdown. He even pulls a weapon on a painter who sneaks up on him. Poor Blaine.

Back at The Scratching Post, Angus is hobnobbing with the FG guys and treating Don E like he doesn’t matter. My opinion, don’t mess with Don E-he might be smarter than he looks…or acts…or is.

Meanwhile at the lab, Liv and Ravi are cracking up to Finn’s videos. Clive is not amused.

“I’m surprised it took this long for Finn to get murdered.” -Clive

Liv gets her first vision, the suspect from the crew earlier, Rudy going bananas on Finn. So, Liv and Clive drag back in the crew to ask them about it. The guys explain they have pranked Rudy a bunch of times but Clive explains this was specifically in a hotel room with Rudy screaming asking him why he has to have everything. The guys claim to not know because Rudy deleted the footage. But one of the guys coughs up something in private on his phone. This particular prank involves Finn in bed with Rudy’s girl. Motive for murder anyone?

Or just an extreme prank?

Definitely time to bring Rudy back in to the precinct.

Liv is back on the case and after kicking Rudy in the nuts she offers Rudy a suspicious coffee. Rudy claims the whole Finn sleeping with his girlfriend, now wife, was a total prank-nothing more.

All I really care about is him drinking the coffee but he doesn’t want it so Clive takes it-oh no. Clive do you ever pay attention to what brain Liv is on? Rudy does offer up the story on Kong before he splits and we discover Clive’s hands are now super glued to the coffee cup. Good one Liv!

Back at the lab Ravi and Liv watch the coffee cup prank and laugh their asses off. Ravi let’s Liv know he got them an invite to the zombie truthers meeting by posting a bunch on the message board under “Indian Cowboy.” They discuss plans on what to wear and how to act and even discuss switching accents for the night. Uh…no.

“…and I only speak one language and I wear white socks.” -Ravi in his American voice.

Ravi wants to practice but liv has a date! With Justin!

Her very practical date suggestion is that he have some Finn brains so they can both act like idiots all night. I think it’s a bloody brilliant plan.

Not just that, they decide to kick it up a notch by downing some Super Max. It really seems more like teenage boys snuck out and went to the park to blow things up, until things get a little heated. Unfortunately-the heat is interrupted by a vision. Liv sees one of the crew hand Finn a new stunt suit which he says Rudy told him to give him. Busted! Liv and Justin will have to be paused for now…but they are adorable together!

Back at The Scratching Post, Don E and his lackey are dragging in yet another heavy crate while speculating is it’s possible that Christina Ricci is a zombie…maybe. Angus is still pulling the big boss trip on Don E, when he suddenly receives a call from the dead.

Blaine tells him to buckle up! He knows where he is and he is coming for him AND his dear old pops. Don E hangs up to warn Angus that Blaine is somehow still alive and they are promptly sent out for his head on a platter.

Liv and Clive visit Rudy’s house where they are welcomed by Stasha, Rudy’s wife’s aunt who gives them free searching reign. They don’t find anything but Stasha shows up unexpectedly with a brand new baby who just happens to be the same shade of Finn. It looks like Rudy may have found out the baby wasn’t his about three days ago when the little sucker arrived. No blood test needed! Rudy is arrested-case closed.

Meanwhile, at The Scratching Post, Angus demands the unpacking of the heavy brains crate and here in lies the genius of Blaine. He surprises his dad by popping out and shooting him a few times.

“I have to say, I’m proud of you. I didn’t think you had it in you-this took initiative!” -Angus

Although Angus pleads with him to join him on his new venture, Blaine forces him into the cement tub he brought along. He takes him to his childhood home where he has a neat contraption built for him hanging above a well, which he eventually drops him into. It’s all very Tarantino-esque.

I am pretty sure Blaine isn’t planning on coming back to feed daddy dearest. But he does go back for Don E with plans to get back together.

“Stop talking, you had me at money.” -Don E

The zombie army is getting their party on but it is suddenly stopped by a commander who reminds them about Discovery Day and their sworn duty to protect the zombies who came out of the basement at Max Rager. He also calls out Justin on the stolen cans of Super Max and shoots him when he comes clean. This guy is a total buzzkill (as Liv might say).

Okay, I have a couple questions…one-why do a few cans of Super Max matter? And more imrpotantly-two: WHY IS MAJOR STILL IN THE ZOMBIE ARMY??? I know Vivian died and didn’t have time to spill the beans but how is he supposed to fight with a bunch of zombies? Or what if it was him who said yeah man I took the Super Max and HE was shot instead of Justin? I am sure he can get hired SOMEWHERE! Major, come on dude. Rant Over!

Liv and Ravi attend the zombie truth seekers gathering- where Liv looks so pretty! But I am a bit nervous they might take your blood pressure at the door or something.

Well, just as I thought they are doing just that! I should write for this show! Rob Thomas are you listening?

For some reason Liv thinks she can get her adrenaline going and pass the test. I want to scream….NO LIV!

Suddenly, Harley spots her and swears he knows her from somewhere. Ravi explains they just got a text from the babysitter saying the imaginary kids are sick so Liv agrees to go home and check on them.

“I’ll go home and check on the kids, but I want to know everything. Zombies are real. There is one everywhere I go!” -Liv to Harley

And off she goes as Ravi gets his blood pressure taken. I cannot wait to find out what happnened at that meeting.

Episode Rating 9 ½. So very close to a 10! Everything with Blaine was just amazing but I could have used a bit more on the crime of the week storyline.