#iZombie Season 3 Epsiode 11 “Conspiracy Weary”

Harley is a zombie and Liv’s secret becomes front page news! Also, is Tom Cruise a zombie?

Last week left us on the edge of our seats as Blaine stopped by Liv’s and asked the best question ever:

“You wanna go kick some ass?”


This week drops in right at the moment Ravi is threatened to be killed by Harley and his roving band of idiots. He asks Ravi is he really thinks zombies feel pain and have emotions and Ravi comes clean. Instead of shooting him he simply pistol whips him and gets back to the matter at hand, torturing Don E for the world to see.

Suddenly, an unexpected knock at the door! I have been waiting a week to see Liv and Blaine do the ass kicking they hinted at and it doesn’t disappoint. Full on zombie Liv tries to knock down the door and Blaine, not to be outdone, comes through the ceiling. Finally, some awesome action on the show!

Liv finally breaks through, as a scared Racheal manages her escape, and promptly gets shot in the chest. She will be fine! But Blaine almost manages to get one in the head when Harley luckily runs out of bullets. The whole thing is finally brought down by the zombie army including Major and Justin.

I will ask again, WHY IS MAJOR STILL IN THE ARMY??? My theory is that he will get hurt bad enough that someone has to turn him into a zombie again. We shall see!

Most of Harley’s crew is killed except Harley makes a clean get away, of course.

“It’s been a hell of a day, you might tell your friends to quit pointing those guns at me.” -Liv

Chace Graves chats up Liv and Blaine. Blaine tries get all pally with him and doesn’t seem to take the bait but I am sure we will see more of these two. Mostly because I think Chace is shady as hell. Chace asks Liv is she can help with the police to find Harley’s compound outside the city when Justin interrupts with some evidence. Same models found in Harley’s truck were used in the Baracus assassination attempt and the Wally murders-seems like case closed although that also just seems to easy. Liv agrees to take the guns and get Clive to help her with the other stuff. She then goes to the aid of Don E who seems to be fine as he and Blaine eat raw brains out of Harley’s brother’s head. YUM! Liv joins in the feast as she thinks the brains will help her find Harley’s compound.

“This is a surprise! I thought you might have ethics or some such nonsense…”-Don E

Over at Ravi and Major’s, Ravi is rather curious about Major’s “sex fort” in the living room. You might recall Ravi has been with the zombie truthers as Major was having his fun with “Shady Shawna,” as I call her.

“It’s not just sex…she has many other qualities and I can’t wait to find out what those are as well.” -Major

Rachel arrives freaked out and nearly shares a kiss with Ravi before leaves even more freaked out when she finds out he lives with the Chaos Killer.

Shawna and Major are still in the bedroom as she tries to get him out in public. Major doesn’t much feel like going out until Shawna sex talks him into it right before she pulls out a friggin selfie stick to take yet another photo. I see these going all over the internet soon. She is certainly up to no good.

Meanwhile at Peyton and Liv’s, the brains have kicked in full time and Liv is waiting to talk to Peyton in the dark. Seems as though Harley’s brother, Bo John’s, brains are full of paranoia and conspiracy theories.

But, she does tell update her on the Wexler case which I am having a hard time keeping up with, seems like a constant for me with this show.

The next day at the lab, Liv brings in the guns to show Clive and Ravi. Her paranoia is in full swing, as she explains all the connections of the guns to recent incidents to Clive.

Clive says he can run the guns off books and also has information on a possible location for Harley. I don’t see that ending well. Ravi suggest they also swing by the Scratching Post to help kick in some visions.

So, at The Scratching Post-Don E and Blain, who also ate the same brains, are debating whether Tupac might be a zombie now. It’s a plausible theory in my book.

Clive suggest they all head over to Wham-Bams to trigger some more helpful information.

Meanwhile at Peyton’s office someone gives her Weckler’s personal effects from prison. The bag includes a picture of his daughter, Tatum the kid we saw eating brain paste last week. It also includes a key to a safe deposit box.

Over at Fillmore Graves, Logan, I mean Chace is being briefed while getting a spray tan. He gets information on where Harley might be hiding and enforces a decision to go after him sans police.

“It’s our turn now...” -Chace Graves

Back at Peyton’s office she talks Tatum Weckler into going with her to the safe deposit box where she thinks the missing memory card might be. They do find it and Tatum hands it over but before she leaves Peyton observes her having a vision. I guess she eats regular brains too and not just the brain paste.

Over at Wham Bams, the gang is trying to trigger a vision whilst debating whether Tom Cruise might be a zombie.

“I bet he doesn’t eat the brains of anyone under twenty-five.” -Liv

They have a three-way vision of different parts of Bo John’s brains but nothing comes of it so Clive sends Blaine and Don E downstairs. Liv has another vision that shows Harley knew he was being bugged in his truck and he was going to use it against them.

Which leads us to the battle field where Harley possibly has set a trap for the zombie army. Major finds out too late that it’s a trap and a soldier gets killed.

The next morning, Liv waits in the dark to talk to Ravi, who is sleeping on the couch so he doesn’t have to hear Shawna’s over enthusiastic sex with Major. She has some theories about the mine field incident to share and also decides to dig up dirt on Shawna-thank god! Of course, as I predicted, Shawna has a webpage showing all her stupid selfie’s with Major and also some juicy texts. I knew it! Liv has some crazy theories on her but…

“I’m going to stick with she’s crazy and she’s using me to gain some weird notoriety.” -Major

Rachel turns up at the lab, much calmer than before and wants to know all the information on zombies which Ravi happily provides her with beginning with the boat party massacre. I believe this is probably a mistake as I trust no one on this show.

Over at the police station, Liv and Clive get a visit from the ballistics guy which shows a match to the crime scenes.

Meanwhile, Major confronts Shawna and she tries to tell him she was just trying to show the world he was just a normal guy.

“I don’t want to be any story. I just want to go back to when no one knew who I was.” -Major

He dumps her anyway-no love lost there on my end.

The next day at Fillmore Graves, the boys are heartbroken about the death of their fellow soldier and Major discovers T-shirts are being sold with picture of him and Shady Shawna on them. Poor Major, (I feel like I say that often).

Liv goes to visit Peyton to discuss the Weckler case and watch the video off the memory card. The video shows him in the middle of a call to someone right after he killed the dominatrix. Peyton also let’s Liv know about the zombie daughter. They both figure out that Baracus must be involved but not before Baracus wins the race for Mayor.

Meanwhile, over at a local newspaper, some reporters are pitching story ideas when Rachel arrives with news that zombies are real. See? I don’t trust any of these bitches!

“You might want to make some room on the front page.” -Rachel


Clive and Liv head over to Harley’s compound after Clive gets word of a noise complaint at the address. They discover a weird outhouse with no toilet but there are no signs of life there until they make their way down a secret well. There is a body covered up on the couch and as Clive yells at it-Liv gets a vision wherein Harley proves not to be the killer.

Clive ends up shooting him but it doesn’t matter-Harley is a zombie now!

“I just killed an innocent man?” -Clive

No, Clive you didn’t! You simply shot a semi-innocent new zombie.

On his way to Fillmore Graves, Major listens to the fact he is back in the news after word got out he was selling t-shirts of himself for profit. I can definitely see it happening in this day and age but we all know Major is innocent of this smut. It’s Shady Shawna’s fault…or Skanky Shawna now. I have too many names for that bitch.

Major comforts himself by getting pissed and signing Irish Pub songs with the army boys. It’s the only place he feels he belongs.

Question, why do all these random zombies know the words to Irish Pub songs?

Finally, Ravi is walking down the street and discovers the local newspaper has written an article about zombies with Liv’s full on zombie face on the cover.

Things are about to get crazy!

Episode Rating: 10/10 There was nothing much better than seeing Liv and Blaine in action together! The final teaser gets major bonus points as well!