#KevinCanWait (S1, Ep. 15/16) "The Choke Doubt"/"The Back Out" Recap/Review

"Choke Doubt" 

When Kevin saves someone's life from choking, he doesn't take any credit from it but when he hears that his brother saved a cat from a fire then the tables have turned. 

"Choke Doubt" has some funny moments but it's mostly comes from the storyline between Donna and Chale when they help figure out the stuff for the wedding. While Donna knows what her daughter wants to have at her wedding, Chale seems to know too and it becomes a battle. 

The moment when they were trying to figure out flowers and a dress one of the funniest moments. 

As for Kevin and Kyle, there was some humor and the rest was plan nonsense to watch. Even the two got on morning television and Kevin still couldn't let it go and tries to call the guy he saved but the connection was breaking up on the phone. It really didn't do enough for me to enjoy as Donna and Chale.

Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

"The Black Out"

When Donna invites new friends over to the house, one of them a chiropractor. Kevin goes in to get his back adjusted and comes out with more pain than he did before. 

"The Back Out" was one of the best episodes. Both storylines were great and so was the cast at their best. Kevin and Donna dealing with news friends, they may seem to like them but when Kevin gets his back adjusted it's no more with him. Donna thinks he should stick it out, but when she gets her back adjust she understands completely but wants to stick it out because they were up for a weekend at their friend's beach house. That kind of fell through when both Kevin and Donna were spotted at another chiropractor in the same building as their friend.

Meanwhile, Chale needs to decide who's his best man at his wedding and the one guy pulling the audition was Kyle.   Kyle tries to win Chale over that he can be the best man by making a list of what he likes and dislikes and also dressing up the part as it was best describe as an albino husky that got trapped in the late 90's early 2000's.

I'd enjoyed this episode much more than the previous episode. There were so many good scenes from Kevin getting back adjust from the friend to trying to take his jacket off in his bedroom and rolls off the bed where Donna finds him on the floor thinking that he was looking for M&Ms. And even when Kyle come out looking like that albino husky with blue eyes and tight, tight pants on. 

Overall,  I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Kevin Can Wait Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS. 

(Side note: To all Grimm fans, Claire Coffee will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Kevin Can Wait called Neighborhood War, which will probably air on Feb. 20th.)