#KevinCanWait S1, Ep. 19 "Showroom Showdown" Recap/Review

With it being March, the madness is shown in this week's episode of Kevin Can Wait.

As Kevin tries to make additional money for Kendra's wedding at a sales warehouse, Chale decides to pitch in and work with him. But when Chale gets promoted to sales, Kevin shows is competitive side.

Meanwhile, Kendra and Donna tries to make some wedding cuts with the guest and decides to take the single ones and get them hooked up. Like they did for Kyle how hooked up with Kendra's best friend. They hit it off at first but Kyle decides not to pursue her because of her teeth.

"Showroom Showdown" was a nice welcome back episode after being off for a couple of week. It was funny and there were some memorable scenes like Kevin trying his best to stay in the store instead of the hot warehouse. Also when Kevin smack talk to Chale and eats a bad donut which had pineapple filling.

Also I did fine the second story about Kendra and Donna funny but the only memorable moment was when Kyle tells them about how he didn't like Kendra's friend's teeth as he puts it "not new golf ball white." The writing was good as so was the performance. And it was about time I think that we saw Chale and Kevin going at it. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

You can catch Kevin Can Wait Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS.