#KevinCanWait S1 Ep. 2 "Sleep Disorder" Recap and Review

Last night's episode of Kevin Can Wait might have been hilarious at time but I think that the title of this episode seems misleading. 

When Kevin accidentally rubbed Icy Hot for his arm into his arm pit, he left the burn badly that beg Donna to switch sides on the bed. The next morning, he realizes that Donna has a shorter route to the bathroom than he does, not to mention that everything around the house was under her decision. So Kevin decides to talk it out with her that they should make decisions together from furniture to having a beanbag chair in the bathroom. 

When Donna agreed and Kevin went out bring his stuff from the antic and brought it down. Donna saw what Kevin brought from the George Foreman grill to the recliner chair to even his own legs and abs workout pants, which I have no clue what the hell it was, but served a purpose for Kevin when the pants put a ton of pressure on his legs and couldn't stop it. After cutting his pants, he tells Donna the truth that none of anything around the house is something that he decided to place. 

Also the B-Story was when Chale was emotional watching a cooking show and had Donna, Kendra, Sara and Jack all thinking that it was weird. But when Uncle Kyle gets involved, he tells him about being emotional and turned him into an unemotional guy when they watched "Ole Yeller" (I believe). 

Kendra confronts him about it and tells him that she wants him to express his emotionas but not in a way that it's wired. SO they hugged and he let out his emotions about the dog when Kevin pops out and thought that Kendra broke things off. Kevin offered to buy him a ticket back to England but Kendra tells him that they haven;t broken anything off, but still Kevin wants to buy him a ticket back to England. 

This was a good episode that had me laughing at times. The A-story was good with Kevin and Donna. There were scenes when Kevin got scared of how Donna looked when sleeping, there was when he and his guys were going around the house looking at what Donna has placed. 

I did like his idea of the TV placed on the ceiling, until it fell off. Not the best idea but good one: watch TV while laying down. I don't want to pop my head up while laying down. The B-Story was okay. Cartwright was good, but not as hilarious as he was in the pilot.

The only issue was the title of the episode "Sleep Disorder" there was no sign that someone had a sleep disorder or anything with sleep. It should have been called Decision Disorder or something.

You can catch Kevin Can Wait Monday nights at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.