#KevinCanWait S1, Ep. 20 "Double Date" Recap/Review

When Kevin and Donna's best friends don't invite them to a four ticket stay at a fancy hotel, they try their best not acting like they care, even though they really, really, really do.

"Double Date" is another really good half hour of comedy. Kevin and Donna react about not being invited to a four ticket stay at a fancy hotel where there's a spa, food and the best weekend you could have in your life (I guess). But when their best friends don't invite them and invited another couple (also their best friend too). 

Jealously plays pretty much in this episode as Kevin and Donna believes that they have other friends they could hangout with, but truly no one. Donna calls a friend, who's husband left her for her sister, and soon asked for their number. Kevin couldn't find any either but with the advice from Chale to look up on the internet they take that but Kevin mistakenly signs them up with couples that love to swing and not in a dancing type of way. But they even get turned down from a swinging couple because they weren't feeling it. 

After arguing, Kevin and Donna finally go to the hotel with their Russian neighbor and his girlfriend. When they spot their friends across the room, Kevin and Donna tries to get things excited but it wasn't as excited if a child was watching the cook preparing their meal.  But Kevin tries to hype it up and perform to them after flipping shrimp to Donna and their neighbor, he's best friend comes over and asked what they were doing, Kevin and Donna express their hurt that they picked another couple over them. 

 But the only reason why they didn't asked was that Kevin said he was going to be busy for the next couple of Saturdays because of building the children's play ground for the church for which Kevin forgets and accidentally lets go of the knife and lands on his neighbor's hand and after pulling it out, Kevin faints and lands his head on the grill burning his face. But at the end, Kevin and Donna forgive their best friends and had dinner the rest of the night but Kevin's neighbor was left out and put across the room. 

I enjoyed watching this episode a lot and that in face I watched it more than once after it aired. There were many many hilarious moments, one them being the egg jokes that Kevin tries to bring in, the snow kiss movie and not to mention Donna and Kevin learning that they're hanging out with swingers and that they got turned down by them. I thought James and Hayes were really good in this episode, probably one of their best episodes so far this season as they really show chemistry. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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