#KevinCanWait S1, Ep. 22 "Quiet Diet" Recap/Review

When Donna challenges Kevin to get his cholesterol down so he could go to Mets Fantasy Camp, Kevin plays a trick on her.

"Quite Diet" is another Donna and Kevin going at it situation that I enjoy watching from time to time. When Donna and Kevin need to get a check up for their insurance, if they have a lower cholesterol levels their premiums go down but not they're paying a lot. Donna tries to motivate Kevin into eating healthy by offering him to go to Mets Fantasy camp if he's levels are low.

Kevin tells Donna that he can do it and soon gets Chale's help in on it and uses his cleanser that he has used when he was a chubby kid in a photo and his own pants. After the next couple of days and sweaty nights, Kevin makes it to test day and surprising passes it, which does shock Donna and learns that she has high cholesterol.

After the test results, Donna goes on an extreme health plan, but Chale lets her on what Kevin has done and later plays his little game as she pretends to give Kevin what he wants from a second wife if she dies. But he catches on and admits to what he did and how he fooled her with the cleanser. The two agree and tried the cleanser out and at the end they were getting over the heavy sweats and moving into the hallucinations where Donna saw a six-pack abs Kevin and Kevin saw Donna as a taco. 

I thought this was a very good and funny episode. I thought that James and Hayes were hilarious and probably one of their funniest situational episodes together. During most of the episode I couldn't get enough of what they would do after each other would have died from getting a second spouse. Also the ice cream thing was also pretty funny too and clever as well and we get to learn that Chale was an overweight kid, which was kind of fun for Kevin to make fun of but also bonded them as well. The writing was good. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10. 

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