#KevinCanWait S1, Ep. 23 "Sting of Queens: Part One" Season Finale

In part one of a two part season finale, it's been a reunion ten years in the making and it just feels like the good ole days.

In "Sting of Queens Part One," Kevin is pulled out of retirement to go undercover with fellow cop, Vanessa Cellucci (played by Leah Remini),  as they play a married couple (how about that?!). When the two meet at a diner, they make the couple that they're meeting with interested in doing business and later meets them at their place to carry their business agreement.

After a day, they meet at the couple's hotel room and after getting on their good side they asked them to come with them for a retreat in Boston, but Kevin tries to decline but thinks that Vanessa could handle it but when they didn't want to do business without Kevin, he decides to come.

Meanwhile, Chale gets a well paid job, way over and decides to go spending on his family but I expect something to break in the next episode. And Donna hopes to get a new position at the school.

But the real focus of this episode was the reunion of Kevin and Leah since it's been ten years since the final episode of King of Queens. The first scene seeing them together was like walking down memory lane. Also, the diner episode was hilariously funny. Plus the scene in the couple's hotel and the gum. I was crying laughing. It's like those two never lost a step.

I enjoyed this episode very much. Probably the reunion was much of the episode and probably should be since it was one of the most fun things in this two-part episode. Even the second episode looks like a hoot from the previews. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

You can catch Part Two of the season finale of Kevin Can Wait next Monday at 8/7c on CBS.