#KevinCanWait S1, Ep. 24 "Sting of Queens Part 2" Season Finale Recap/Review

In the part two of the two part season finale of Kevin Can Wait, partners will get closer, a position would be taken away and a business goes out pretty fast. 

The episode starts off the next day when Vanessa comes to pick up Kevin for their undercover trip to Boston. When they get up to Boston, Vanessa takes advantage by letting Kevin sleep in by using a white noise machine app, because it helps Kevin sleep so peacefully. Kevin soon realizes and meets up and the two fight over the case again. 

When word of the business wasn't what they expected, Kevin realizes that the art might be fake but they're sneaking in drugs. When Vanessa goes look around, she gets caught, Kevin tries to stop him by swinging but it didn't work but made one hell of a scene that was literally the funniest scene of the episode. 

Vanessa tied up and Kevin handing upside down, the two finally talk about their beef with one another. As soon as Kevin is free, he tries to untie Vanessa and apologizes to her for embarrassing her on television years ago in 2007. But as soon as they try to call for help, the couple comes back with guns pointing at them but the guy's girlfriend pulled a fast one on him and tells him she's FBI so she takes the credit. 

Meanwhile, Donna gets word of the position, she didn't get it and blows over it pretty badly. After talking to Kevin about it and hearing that he might want to go back to the force and knowing that Chale's new job is solid. She quits her job. 

Chale on the other hand, a day in the new job, he learns from another employee that the business is tanking and the investors have pulled out. Pretending to Kendra that things are good and he gets dropped off at work. 

But when the family comes together and Donna tells them that she quit her job, she also misunderstood that Kevin wanted to get back to the police force again and freaks out. But when Kevin finally says something nice to Chale and his new job, probably not the best time but at the moment, he tells them without saying anything as the episode ends. 

This was a very good episode. There were some really good moments, Donna freaking out of not getting the job, Kevin handing upside down was too funny. Just watching Kevin and  Vanessa was literally my favorite part of the episode. James and Remini haven't lost their chemistry. Not to mention Hayes puts on a really good performance too. The writing was very good as well. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

Overall Season: 8/10. I thought this season was very good. Was it at a level of other new comedy like The Good Place and Great News? Probably not, but it's near but I'll say this that Kevin Can Wait is one of those family traditional situational comedies that you really don't need to think it over. It's a simple family comedy that you can sit and laugh with family and friends like other shows like King of Queens, and Everybody Loves Raymond. The cast was amazing, mostly Kevin James and Erin Hayes really work well on screen. The other cast members were really good too. I can't wait to see what Season Two will bring.