#KevinCanWait S1 Ep. 3 "Chore Weasel" Recap and Review

When Kevin doesn't want to wait for a package for his wife to get home, he gets someone that does in this hilarious episode of Kevin Can Wait.

When Dana gets Kevin to stay home and wait for a package that she's getting, instead of playing football with the guys, he gets someone from an app to come over and fill in as he gets his fun time with the guys. 

Kevin uses the Chore Weasel app, it's like an for someone that needs help with chores. The funny thing is that even though Kevin only uses Blake, the Chore Weasel, for one thing, Dana loved what Kevin did and asked him to do more chores. That gave Kevin the idea to use Blake more and more but soon it grew more than just a job between one another as they grew closer as best friends. 

The one person that knows of Kevin's scam is Chale and he asked Kevin if he could use Blake for something too, but denied. But soon, Dana and Kendra gave it more thought that Kevin was doing a lot of chores and actually doing them. So they gave Chale the bad cop good cop treatment and soon spilled the beans on Kevin. 

After Kevin takes Blake to an Islanders game, the two really had a good time until Dana comes along and gets Kevin to spill the beans to her. After that, Kevin and Blake was going to say their goodbyes until Blake charges Kevin for the game and the ride and totally freaked him out and also charged him with their argument. Then the two seem to broke off their friendship.

It got funny and weird when Dana asked Kevin if he heard anything from Blake and with a disappointment look, he tells her that he's Facebook requested him and got nothing. But when a beep from his phone came, he check and it wasn't Blake. Dana tried to cheer him up but ran upstairs like a teenage girl. 

This episode was hilarious and better than last week's that's for sure. It had some really good jokes from the sliver alert (Amber Alert for old people), the pain is only the sign of weakness, the football game and even the last scene when Kevin ran up stairs.  

You can catch Kevin Can Wait Monday nights at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.