#KevinCanWait S1 Ep. 4 "Kevin and Donna's Book Club" Recap and Review

When Kevin and Donna both have their friends over for their own get to gather, Kevin realizes that Donna's friends seem to be more entertaining than his guys.

Kevin gets ready for the guys and makes his special cheese dip bread bowl but when Donna comes with a lot of stuff for her book club the two separate their party in different rooms, the women take the kitchen, and the men took the living room. 

When Kevin goes in for beer, he sees Donna taking shots of alcohol and having a lot of laughs. He looks at them and back at his friends and realizes that his guys need to step up their fun times, but it really never happens. So when Kevin was watching the game by himself, because he had a bad idea evaluating his buddies, so he comes in bring his special dip to the ladies as he was done and couldn't finish it. The ladies loved the dip and then asked him a question about who a married guy would choose on vacation. That landed him a hit with Donna's friends. 

Soon Kevin keeps going to Donna's book club and soon the ladies were getting tired of it. Donna had to break it to him gently but didn't take it until he saw a text from one of the girls that had his face on a manatee. He went back out there and got the truth and walked up to this room.

Later at the pizza place, Kevin sits as the guys were playing corn hole. Kendra comes out with a large pizza that no one picked up and the guys' rule is that if no one picks up a large pizza, they get first hand. The four of them walk towards the pizza and as soon they take a slice and a bite they are back together sitting. While no one left it, it was Kendra buying it for them

This might be another hilarious episode and some might say that this could have been a repeated type of storyline. For me, I liked it. There were hilarious moments, one with Kevin texting one of the girls with a emojis. Another was when Kevin was making his Cheese Dip Bread Bowl, after he dumps the cheese in, he takes it to the table but there was a leak and almost fell but made it perfect. But he put a slice of bread and peanut butter on the bottom for the cheese not to leak again. Ew? or Yum?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Like it? Ha

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