#KevinCanWait S1 Ep. 6 "Beat The Parents" Recap and Review

This week's episode of Kevin Can Wait was very funny. Funnier than last week's episode if I may say so as Ray Romano guest stars in this episode. 

When Donna and Kevin think that their son, Jack, needs someone to play with, Donna goes out and finds a kid, Graydon, from school from a file at school as she's the school nurse. They may be excited when Donna found the one for Jack, but their gonna have a field day with his parents. 

As Jack and Graydon plays, the kid's parents show up, Vic and Brandi, and things don't seem to be a pleasant good time with these two. Vic wears a man-bun which was hilarious to see Romano pull off.Vic and Brandi are like the creepy friends that want to hang out with you so much that you really don't and they'll do anything to make you do anything from dinner to even snowboarding. 

Donna and Kevin decide to end Jack and Graydon's friendship by framing Graydon of stealing Jack's video game and bring his former friend that moved to Brooklyn. But the plan got derailed as when Vic tells Kevin that he sales hot tubs and that he could get them a great discount. That stuck Kevin in the head and aborted the mission and gets Donna on board to go for the hot tub.

When Kevin and Donna get to the hot tub store with the boys, things take another turn for them as Vic couldn't sell any of the better models and yet couldn't get them a good discount. He tells them that he's drowning, can't keep the house, about to lose his job and he doesn't want to break up the kid's friendship. At first, Kevin and Donna left, but after seeing Jack and Graydon, they went back and made a deal, even though the hot tub might be a bit bigger and can make you swirl around like a toilet. 

I find this episode this to be hilarious and so simple to watch. There were a lot of funny lines and mostly seeing Ray Romano and Kevin James on the same screen again was amazing. I hope that Vic comes back soon. I thought the scene where Kevin was on the phone with Donna telling her to abort the mission that they didn't need Jack's old friend, while that kid was in the car with Donna. Not to mention that both Kevin and Donna did their best Romano impression as well.

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