#KevinCanWait S1 Ep 7 & 8 "Hallow-We-Ain't-Home" & "Who's Better Than Us" Recap and Review


In this Halloween episode, Kevin and Donna decide to skip given candy to children and have a night to themselves, but their plan doesn't go so well. 


It's Halloween and Kendra and Chale are taking Sara and Jack trick or treating at a truck and stuff. When Donna gets home from work, she wishes that they could skip the holiday by which Kevin agreed and came up with a plan.


That plan was to turn off all the light and pretend that they're not home. Donna gives a funny example of when McDonald's doesn't take his order late at night and because of their arches go dark. 


When the plan was set, they get things ready and watch a movie, when the first doorbell ring comes, Donna had a hard time letting it go but after it pasted it was smooth sailing. But when another group of kids came at the door, they'd played hard ball and tried everything but Kevin gets caught. 


Those kids puts shaving cream on their van and takes Donna's welcome sign too and gets away in a get away car with their parents. That upset Donna and  both her and Kevin went to go get it. But when they get there it was literally a trap as they got caught and started getting hit with eggs. They rush into the kids playhouse, where they get trapped as the kids wrapped duct tape around the house. 


Donna and Kevin tries to figure out why their neighbors would do such a thing until Kevin realizes that it was his fault. He borrowed the guy's leaf blower and used it in his pool and got damaged and also calling his wife "Big Booty Judy."  


Soon Kevin apologizes to Donna about all of this mess. He tries to break her welcome sign twice with both knees but became unsuccessful, but also hilarious. That's when he ran and broke the door open landing on his shoulder. Soon the neighbor shined a light at them and after Kevin apologizes to them they kept throwing eggs at them again. 


After a wild night Kevin, Donna, Chale and Kendra got to a fast food place and was waiting for someone to take their order until they closed the lights. That's when Kevin bang the dashboard and said we're going to Queens. 


This was as a hilarious episode as if you could watch it maybe once or twice and then forget about it. Yes, I thought it there were hilarious moments from Kevin explaining to Donna their plan to hide from tick or treaters to the him and Donna at the neighbor's backyard and getting egged. It was enough to fill my evening of a treat. The B-story wasn't much at all, just a cheap laugh of big guy and little guy and their girlfriends. Overall I give it a 7/10. 



"Who's Better Than Us"

In this episode, Kevin bumps into an old partner of the NYPD, or should I say his last partner before he retired, but when he sees a new guy in his partner's life, things get weird. 


After working at the retirement home as a security guard and having pizza with the guys, Kevin bumps into an old buddy of his from the force. It's Jimmy (played by Adam Sandler) and the busted some balls with one another. 


Later, Jimmy's partner walks in, Kevin looks at him and when Jimmy went to do something, he asked if he has ever heard of him. Of course, he responded with a no. Kevin tells him all the crazy stuff that Jimmy might have told to him, but he has no clue. When Jimmy got back they left and left Kevin in a bit of a jealous mood. 


Back at home, Kevin confronts to Donna about it and she gives the idea of accidentally calling him and see if he wants to hangout. She tires to help Kevin with ideas of where to go but their sign language wasn't as sharp as any. 


As the two hanged out at the batting cages, Kevin tells Jimmy that he doesn't trust his new partner. After feeling what Kevin was talking he asked him to come to a party where he had to give a speech about someone important. When Jimmy's new partner comes back after being a clown at a child's birthday, he knocked a couple of baseballs too like a pro. 


When Kevin gets to the party, he thinks that the speech was going to be about him but when Jimmy gives his speech it was about his partner. Kevin makes a fool of himself and gets up on stage and talked about how he was a good friend too, but no one carried. 


Kevin came back home and soon Jimmy knocks on the door. Jimmy tells Kevin that he was upset how he retired like that without given him a heads up. Soon their friendship was good after a night of karaoke. After they performed, Jimmy's partner got up and sang an opera piece. And if that wasn't enough, while watching a game, the two were amazed of the wings they were eating that it turns out that it was Jimmy's partner who made them as they might have found a good use for him.   


I liked this episode as much as the other episodes. It's got that same story of someone jealous over their friend's new friend. Adam Sandler was good, was it his best on television not quite. There was some good humor from Donna sign language to Kevin on what he and Jimmy should do while on the phone. Also that karaoke scene was pretty good too. Those two does shoe chemistry at times. Overall, I give it a 7.5/10.


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