#KevinCanWait S1 Ep5 "Kevin's Good Story" Recap and Review

It's one of those classic telling of lie story lines that never gets too old for today's comedies, but it still brings it a couple of laughs in this episode.

When Kevin and Donna go out with their friends, Donna tells a story of when Kevin was acting as a hero and was thrown off from a latter. The problem was that it wasn't Kevin's story that in fact it was his friend Goody, who was at the dinner with his wife. 

Goody and Kevin confront about it with Kevin explaining that he forget his anniversary with Donna and needed something to tell her and well she bought it. Later Goody wasn't around with Kevin and the guys after that evening that they had, but when Kevin came home, Donna and Goody's wife was in the kitchen and fear struck him, fearing that Goody told his wife about it. But it was Goody's wife asking if he could talk to her students about the incident, but he didn't really want to. 

Kevin talks to the neighborhood priest about it and gave him a thing or two about it. Kevin left Goody's wife a message about it ad met the guys at their pizza joint. He tells Goody that he told his wife and fear struck his eyes. He never really wanted to tell her in the first place because she would force him to quit the force. 

But after a nice anniversary evening dinner, theater and karaoke, Kevin finally told her the truth and she didn't take it well. But she did tell him that they have both forgotten their anniversary for two years. Later she made him go with her to her principal's BBQ party and seat with him. Kevin fears this guy as he eats corn like if it was It eating and coming to get you next. After a while, Donna lies and the two get out of there.   Kevin and Donna later had Goody and his wife over for a sorry dinner that Kevin made, that was all healthy, but it was not so tasty as everyone would say and ordered pizza instead. 

In my case, this was an okay average episode. It was a story line that has been done but yet it may not satisfy you but gives enough to like it. There were some really good scenes, mostly the Goody and his wife were the ones that stood out the most. The jokes of how he can't have one cookie and could lose a foot. Another was Kevin telling Chale about how he was in a band at one time, but it became a joke for him that he believed it.

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