#KevinCanWait Season 1, Episode 12 "Ring Worm" Recap and Review

New Year, New Episode!! 

When Kendra questions on the whereabouts of Chale, Kevin digs into it and gets a reminder of a promise that he had made long ago. 

When Kevin finds out what Chale has been up to, working to save money to buy Kendra an engagement ring, it pop into Kevin's head that he promised Donna that he would get her a better one than he got her. Jumping to 20 plus years, he forgets and tries to make it right. 

That leads to trouble when it comes to getting the money. He gets advice from his brother and friend about sneaking money into the account with her seeing the bank statement, that he thinks comes in the mail but didn't know you can check in online (uh oh!). 

So when she sees that $6,000 was transferred into their checking account, Kevin tells her that he was going to buy and dirt bike but she disapproves it but she quickly learns from Chale that he was going to use the money to buy her a ring. After feeling bad and getting excited she plays him into getting the bike. That gets Kevin thinking that he should get the bike and not the ring and when it came time to getting the bike, Donna thinks they were getting a ring along the way.

But it was until they get to the bike shop and sees what Kevin wants to buy. Disappointed and wanting to go home, Kevin tries to get her to open the hatch on the back of the bike but after the third time he tells her, she did and sees the ring. 

It lead to a really good surprise that really ended up that Donna didn't want the ring after all since her regular one contains so much memories. But she proposes to him on getting that bike and the two rides around the woods in front of the kids popping wheelies and splashing mud on Jack, their son.

This was a good episode to start the new year, there were hilarious moments at times and there were some that didn't stick out. But watching Kevin and Donna is enough in this episode to be hilarious. I find the Chale-Kendra story plot okay there was some okay moments, let along better when Kendra and Kevin were having a daughter-dad talk. Also the cold opening of the spider was funny and the breakfast scenes with the kids as well. 

Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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