#KevinCanWait Season 1, Episode 17 "Unholy War" Recap/Review

When Kendra and Chale set their wedding date, Kevin tries to schedule it with the father of their church, but a former childhood rival comes in and tries to get that date as well. It literally becomes a holy war. 

As Kendra tells Donna and Kevin the date of their wedding, they try to get that date approved from Father Phillip. But a longtime childhood rival, Terry, comes by and tries to get the same date. The two goes out on their best church behavior to do a lot of good things to the church and Father Phillip from fixing the light to cleaning the floor with floor waxing mobile.

At the same time, Chale video messages with his parents in London but when Kendra comes in, it just seems that they don't approve of her at all. When Chale and Kendra discuss it, they both tells each other that both of their parents don't seem to approve them at all and tries to rethink about the wedding date but re-rethink it and kept the original date.

But when Kevin fixes the confession door and shuts it, Terry comes in the other and confess about his sins and told Kevin the story about his bad heart. At that point Kevin rethinks it and tells Donna, who had made four lasagnas, told her that they have to give that date to him. 

But when Donna tells Terry's wife about the date and told her about how sorry they are about her husband's heart, she tells Donna that he doesn't have a heart condition. Kevin confronts Terry as they collect money and the two take it outside and battle it out til Kevin gets knocked over the steps and the two of them never got the date later on as Kevin confess to Father Phillip.

"Unholy War" has been very much enjoyable. There were plenty of humorist moments. Kevin trying to unaccepted Kendra's wedding date with a Mets' game but turns out to be an away game. Kevin and Terry going at it with the floor cleaning mobile and even Kevin and Donna with the lasagna, that it's one word instead of two. 

Kim Coates was very good as Kevin's childhood rival, Terry. The two really played each other very well. Also Hayes and even Ryan Cartwright was very good. Cartwright's performance acting like Kevin was hilarious. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

You can catch Kevin Can Wait Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

(Grimm fans, Claire Coffee will be on next week's episode.)