#KevinCanWait Season 1, Episodes 9 & 10 "The Power of Positive Drinking" & "The Fantastic Pho" Recap and Review

The Power of Positive Drinking

When asked to talk to his daughter about sticking with her classes than working, Kevin gets roped into the bar tending business.

When Kendra takes extra shifts at the pizza place instead of focusing on her classes, Donna tells Kevin to talk her about it when he's asked to help serve a guy beer. But when he gives the man his beer Kevin also listens to the guy's problem and then gives him some advice. After getting a big tip from him and recommending what to order to a couple of guys, Kevin gets a job as the new bartender.

Kevin turns into a Sam Malone meet Tony Robbins kind of bartender. He gives so many life changing advises to people that he ignores Donna with her problems, trouble at work and having her wisdom tooth taken out. After saving enough money to buy a smoker, Donna asks Kevin to stop, but the guy couldn't as he feels he can help people.

It turns worst for him when he forgets to pick up Donna. She calls him at the bar but when he answers he thinks it's some dude prank calling him and calls her a loser. After apologizing for the mishap, Donna tells him to quit his job, but Kevin doesn't want to.

As he waits for his last paycheck, he dreams of him being the Tony Ribbon's figure of the place and tries to change even Chale's lifestyle by walking on hot coals (bad idea!). But after picking up his last paycheck, more people came to him for advice and Kevin just took it and helped.

It wasn't til Kevin came home that everyone was there waiting Donna, Kendra and his buddies. It turns into an intervention and he hears the bad things that happen from his brother who got fired and banded from Citi Field stadum to even the two people he first gave advise to which turned out one losing her boyfriend and friends and the other his home and job.

Trying to put his spin on it, Donna gives him the ultimate warning: taking back the smoker. Kevin admits he has a problem but doesn't know what to do and gets a hug from everyone.

This was by far the funniest episode of the season. There were so many hilarious one liners and  such that I couldn't stop laughing. I could literally rewatch this episode multiple times and still laugh at the same jokes. For one when Donna tells Kevin that her wisdom tooth is bothering her and ask him to talk to Kendra, he tells her that maybe it's a sign from God to...you know... Also the Tony Ribbons thing was funny as well. Even the end where he tries to get out of a situation with advice but couldn't. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

The Fantastic Pho

In this episode, after quitting the last couple of jobs due to management being at a young age, Kevin tries to think of what he wants to do to make some money as it turns into one of his passions...food.

After sampling some cheese at a local grocery store, where he's a security guard, Kevin gets called into the manager's office, who happens to be a young guy who took over from his father. He calls him telling him that he doesn't like him taking cheese samples, even though the lady offered some. After that Kevin had enough and walked out, but not without taking some cheese and kissing the lady too.

Kevin meets with Donna at a Vietnamese restaurant, he tells her about he lost he last job. He's also worried about the place that he's in as he doesn't like foreign foods, but when he tried the restaurant's pho soup, he was in heaven.

The next day he got the idea of what to do with his life and that was going into the food truck business. Bring in the guy from the restaurant, he tries to get some investors going, which means getting his buddies involved and Donna. After trying to convince, he gets everyone's approval.

The food truck business turns out to be a success, but any success goes, there's a down fall and boy does the downfall show up fast. Kevin goes around talking with people waiting for food or eating and hands out cards calling him the CEO of the company. But when his partner ask him to do something, it begins a backlash. That backlash would end up his partner leaves after not taking something out of his soup.

That lead to Kevin making his own Pho soup that turns out to be a no go and headed into an emergency meeting with his investors, where he talks about serving his brother's firehouse chili. After trying to find something new to served the people, Donna tells Kevin that he should give the business up and to his partner, but the guy turned him down because he got his own truck. That lead to pitching the food truck idea to his former boss at the grocery store, for which he accepted. And Kevin and Donna celebrated with cheese and kissing the same cheese sampler lady.

This episode was okay but it wasn't as like the previous episode. There was humorist moments like the first scenes of the episode where Kevin walks out and stuffs his face full of cheese and kiss the cheese sampler lady. But this episode was a predictable as it comes. This happens to be another forgettable episode that's once seen, will forget later on kind of thing. Overall, I give this episode a 6/10.

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