#KevinCanWait Season 1 Recap

Kevin can wait.....


Tomorrow is the season premiere of Kevin Can Wait. Here's a recap/review of Season 1. 

The King is back!  Kevin James has returned to television with a family sitcom that seemed old fashion but really something that's much needed.

There's not a lot of new family sitcom that brings that old fashion style (multiple camera comedy) we all loved to watch. There are shows like Raymond, Full House and even The King of Queens and what Kevin Can Wait brings is that old style family sitcom.


James plays Kevin Gable, a family man with wife Donna (Erin Hayes) and three children, who's a retired police officer for 20 years. That was until his oldest daughter, Kendra, who was away at college, moves back home with her unemployed fiance, Chale.

Throughout the first season, Kevin takes various odd jobs (from being a security guard at a retirement home to being Harry Connick, Jr's driver), while the family deals with situation issues that include Kendra's wedding.

The writing for the first season was good but not as strong as other new shows were saying The Good Place. But some episodes stood out to be its funniest and memorable ones, and some that just weren't. And some of the guest appearance from Ray Romano to Adam Sandler was pretty good (especially with Romano wearing what looked to be a man but).

The chemistry between James and Hayes (I thought) was pretty darn good, hilarious and had some really good moments that shine and had me believe in episodes. But as soon as Season One was done, news broke that Hayes wasn't going to be returning to the show as Kevin's wife and a few days before that news broke they announced that Leah Remini, who appeared in the two-part season finale, was joining the cast.

I get it that bring Remini for the season one finale was the one thing we were looking for in a King of Queens reunion, and it did hit it were a mark and wasn't disappointing at all. When will Season 2 premieres it be known as King of Queens 2.0? I'm sure they have something planned, and I look forward to seeing how they would address it.


I do recommend putting this series on your watch-list. It may not be something new, but yet it brings that family sitcom that you can get the family together and watch. It has that nostalgic feel (in a way) of the what we use to watch in the days of Raymond, King of Queens, etc. Overall, I give season one a rating of 8/10.

You can catch Kevin Can Wait for Mondays at 8/7c on CBS and Season 2 premiering Monday, September 25th at 9/8c and moving back to its regular time 8/7c when CBS Thursday Night Football is done in October.