#Killjoys 3.08 "Heist Heist Baby" Recap & Review Sorry I Have No Vanilla Ice Syfy Joke.

Killjoys hit us with two stories this week. The first was a return to old school Killjoys a robbery of a wagon train for some tech. The second was Aneela's continuing revelations and her search for Delle.

The first tale involves Dav's first plan to attack the Hullen. Johnny gives him result scenarios right out of "Person Of Interest" or "War Games" that all have dire consequences for their force. He does have one hopeful plan involving a sonic disruptor which would involve the team needing to acquire some tech. Unfortunately, in the Quad, there is never a Romulan around when you need one. Instead, they plan to steal one from some rogue miners back on Westerly is known as of course the Mole Men.

Killjoys 308 1.jpg

The heist has Dav infiltrating the MM by replacing one of their drivers. They obtain the info on the MM and crew from some old enemies/paid allies Jelco and Big Borna. Ironically now together since Big Borna fired the missile at his house. They must first capture the driver at none other than Pree's Pub. Hijinks are to follow in order. The Shanghai of the driver heist story involves action one-liners and of course some betrayals to rival a Firefly episode. This portion of the episode rates out at a nine in my book.

Story two has Annela torturing Hullen in an attempt to find Delle. There are vague references relating to the gruesome torture as well as the somewhat now boring Hullens ability to be immune to it. We do get more references to a possible different Hullen leader through Aneela's conversations with Brynn. Ultimately Aneela finds the now possibly pregnant Delle although I am thinking of more of an "Alien" way. Aneela is also able to quell the Hullen insurrection on her ship by injecting her green plasma into the ships system and the Hullen mutineers. We also see a united Aneela and Delle on a quest to kill Dutch. I would rate this portion of the story as a seven with the episode overall as an 8. 

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Very good episode I admit I find the green plasma story as more of a hinder to an otherwise great series.

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3 notes
1.Dutch reveals to Dav that she thinks she will die if she kills Aneela. He states that sounds like Hullen 101 after hearing about the dream and Zephs tests. The problem I have is that Dutch has never shown any connection to the plasma. She doesn't  heal or have any ability to operate their systems.

2.Aneela and the Lady keep striking me as very similar in reference to her connection between herself and Dutch. 

3. Notes 1 & 2 keeps putting me back on my theory about parallel universe Dutch as opposed to a plasma creation. We will see there is room for plenty of plot twists from these last two episodes.