#Killjoys Ep 3.06 "Necropolis Now" or" No Zombies Or Whitewalkers In This City Damn" Recap & Review

I wonder if when they drew this plot outline up, they thought this episode was going to be two and a half hours long. In what seemed to be a waste of a memorial service and murder mystery episode I thought the writers dropped the ball by putting too much additional Hullen plot. The episode gave us a surplus of plot info that probably should have fallen in over three episodes.

The story started with Aneela and Delle in bed and coupled with Aneela's dream sequences appeared more like a Lost Girl episode than Killjoys. The now apparent relationship between the two becomes one of seven plots of this episode. On top of that  Aneela and Delle, both suffer green plasma driven hallucinations in the episode. Due to these complications, I will just outline the plots to avoid the nonlinear aspects of the episode.

Killjoys 306 1.jpg

The team arrives at the Scarback city Necropolis "City of the Dead" for a tribute to RAC members killed in Aneela's attack. Members of the Nine Families RAC officials "Turin and the team" and Alvis to perform the service are present. Also arriving Louella Simms which should concern the others since Pawter had given up her family's power in the Old Town deal. 

The ceremony goes off without an incident except Louella refuses to talk with Johnny. After the ceremony, Johnny chases after Louella as the two are separated from the others who enter a space elevator. In transit members of the Nine start to die so Dutch and Dav starts an investigation. This would be a great plot to focus on for one episode. Unfortunately, the show switches to a kidnap story of Delle.

The Delle story involves her being kidnapped as part of a Hullen conspiracy against Aneela. The theory as presented by Aneela's Commander is that the Hullen are unconcerned with any of their hosts but that she is useful for information. She is not their leader but a prisoner and test subject. They are willing to replace her with Delle. In order to escape with Delle, they trap Aneela in a dream with her father while they transfer her to another ship. This sequence presents endless questions and also the problem as to how will they ever defeat an enemy that does not care about its existence other than the green plasma being still out there. 

Meanwhile,  Johnny discovers he is trapped not with a friend but the murderers. Pawter's sister has poisoned everyone at the ceremony with a robotic device that slices your organs. She is seeking retaliation against the nine for her parents as well from Johnny for Pawter's death. If you think that is too much background to give you action well there is some.

We learn that the Nine also have planned to leave the Quad to the Hullen and escape out into the J.Zeph returns in this episode with information about the remnant. Johnny, by the way, is poisoned in this episode, so he continues his near death in every one this season streak.


I will fire these endings as fast as the show did. 

1. Johnny uses his love of Pawter to guilt Louella into stopping the killings.

2. Lucy and Johnny manage to get the elevator down safely.

3. Aneela awakes and may have killed all her Hullen crew in search of Delle.

4. Delle may be a prisoner in a lab on another ship held by Hullen and pregnant.

5. The remnant contains trace DNA that appears to be Dutch's solidifying the Orphan Black "clone " theory.

6. The Nine appears to be still leaving but may help fund a defense of the Quad.

7. The Company has still disappeared, and Dav blew his second chance with Dutch.

If that sounds like a little too much to throw at you in an episode, then you are with me. I think there were three good episodes here or one Quentin Tarantino movie. Pulp Fiction was two hours and fifty-eight minutes. That actually seems about right, and I give this episode a 7.5 rating.