#Killjoys Ep 3.09 "Reckoning Ball" Or "It's Fight Night Call The Three Knockdown Rule"

If we consider the Aneel as undefeated Mayweather and Dutch as McGregor in tonight's fight based on that episode, McGregor is on the canvas. In an episode wrought with sentiment and heart felt chats Aneela struck one blow after another against Dutch and the gang. I would say it was very close to a knockout.

The episode focuses on three lines first Reckoning day where Scarback tradition has soldiers make amends on the eve of battle. The second is Delle arriving at the RAC base for A Parlay a white flag summit during the war. The third is Dav and Dutch's attempt to plant a memory in the Hullen prisoner to lure Aneela into the cube as a trap.

The first story has some humor attached as people flood Pree's Pub for a drunken Reckoning Night. Meanwhile, Alvis moves through the story explaining the tradition and passing out holy knives. One person touched is Fancy who after receiving the knife from Alvis releases Turin and passes the knife forward. The forward somewhat stops on this story as Turin never makes it passed the bar.

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The second story has Delle arriving under the story that she used a ruse to leave Aneela to find out about the baby. She has a story supported by tests that the father is Dav. If you recall Dav did have sex with the Hullen bartender last year, and that incident is probably how Aneela acquires his DNA. I am not sure if we are to believe Johnny is buying any of Delle's lines since he knows Hullen have zero empathy. Delle did not have much when she was human. We have to wait to see if he bought anything about this Trojan Horse story but he at least takes her prisoner.

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The third story is Dav's plan to plant a memory in the Hullen prisoner Kitaan with Aneela would follow into the cube. To accomplish this Pippen returns and provides a humorous but somewhat chaotic adventure for the memory tech. This plan hits with epic failure when Dutch and Dav leave Pippien alone to guard a sedated Kitaan while they have a drink. In the middle of the war, most people would think that was risky since Kitaan almost took out Fancy when she was restrained. Yes, it does backfire she escapes wrecks the plan and crashes Lucy in the Process.

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When I compared this episode to a three knockdown fight as a Judge here is how I would score it.

1. Delle and Aneel ultimately enter the Quad undetected around Johnny's defenses.

2.  The Kittaan memory implant plan ends in epic failure.

3. In the closing scene, Aneela posing as Dutch kills Alvis.

I think that those three punches send McGregor I mean Dutch to the canvas. I would rate the episode as an 8.5.