#Killjoys Friday Premier With Johnny on the Run & A War Is about to Start

When we left season 3 Johnny was leaving in the high tech Six ship with Clara. Dutch Dav and Pree were in a bar contemplating the unknown war with Yala.

Johnny and Clara are on the run from Royals and the Company for Delle's death. I know that is a premise but this is SyFy is she really even dead. She mentioned a process which she was expecting when she spoke to Khlyen (Johnny) in seasons end. She was shot once and we didn't even see blood red or green I would suspect she will return. Johnny even mentioned when she used Pawter's murder as propaganda that she knows how to play the facts.

Will Dutch Dav and Lucy chase Johnny or go after Yala. Friday 8/7 on SyFy should be great and I can not wait to post about the new season.