Killjoys S3 ep3 "The Hullen Have Eyes" Hopefully There Will Not Be A "Hullen Have Eyes Two"

In what appeared from previews to have promise for a great episode I thought HHE failed to deliver a full punch. The reunited team with the newbie nerd Zeph embark in the Hullen ship to an unknown destination. Based on the title it would seem the story is at least going to have some plot connections to the Wes Craven films. 

The group arrives at an unknown planet that appears to resemble a rural American 20th-century town. It appears deserted but shows high levels of radiation that would impede a long investigation. Dutch and Dav embark and meet a group of people who are all blind and survive the radiation by staying underground.Unfortunately, we fail to get the action that mutated cannibals as in the Hill Have Eyes might have provided. Instead, we encounter a very sad and dark society of people that were exploited and then left behind by the Hullen.

Most of the crew interaction is between Johnny and Zeph as she attempts to prove she belongs with the crew. There is some fun banter between the two but also what may continue to be a major rift. Dav also has a very strange encounter with a young girl on the planet which also results in a very odd outcome.

The episode seemed to wrap up too quickly as the group finds a Hullen artifact that was left behind by Khlyen for unknown reasons. We also learn where Dav went at the end of the last episode and how the ships can be controlled. 

Overall I was disappointed because I thought they were going to have an episode involving the action mission Johnny was looking for and less Hullen Mystery. I thought the start with a new ship taking them into the unknown was going to deliver more. I would only give this episode a 7. I believe that this is one of the major problems of only having 10 episode seasons there isn't enough time for a sidetrack episode.


1. We saw the extent of Aneela's hatred of Dutch as well as how crazy she is.