#Killjoys S3 Ep4 "The Lion the Witch and the Warlord" Season 3 hits back William Wallace Boba Fett or both?

In one of the series, best episodes Killjoys delivered Friday an episode C.S. Lewis would have admired. The action took place at three locals Pree's Pub a Secret Lab and a Planetoid Ohron. It tied up some past emotions story backgrounds and added even more potential recurring characters.

The Episode starts with another lab feud with Johnny and Zeph but quickly moves to Pree's Pub for Johnny's initiation party advancing to a level 5 Killjoy. Level 5 allows the Killjoy to take Kill warrants something Dutch never wanted Johnny to face in the past. Dav, as we know, was granted level 5 initially in ep 1 for his black op military service. The party is all going well at least "frat party well" until the Killjoy Flik shows up.

Flik "Boba Fett" enters as a Killjoys friend and proposes a toast but then serves Johnny with a black warrant for the murder of Delle. This leads to a bar fight with aspects of an old Western Star Wars Ep IV and A UFC match. Dav is left behind to stall the brawl while Johnny Dutch and Pree escape on Lucy. Gared "Gavin Fox" Pree's new friend backs Dav in the brawl despite having been shot and battered by Dutch and him in the past.

On Lucy Pree proposes the trio go to Ohron a base for the Farren, a group of ex-soldiers mercenaries with a code. While that is true, they might also be classified as flamboyant and somewhat gay pirates. When Pree arrives on Ohron his meeting with his ex Lachlan reminded me of a vintage Monty Python episode. This leads to one common series episode theme they are captured. 

Dutch gives a William Wallace speech to the Farren hoping their code will lead them into battle against the Hullen. It does sway Lachlan, but instead of the Braveheart result, he places Dutch and Johnny in a contest of three trials against each other with one end. Either Johnny wins, and they will battle the Hullen "Pree Dies" or Dutch wins, and they sit out the battle.

The contest is almost straight out of the Princess Bride. Three challenges strength skill and wit. I will not spoil the challenges they are too fun to watch. They also resolve some tension that had remained between Dutch and Johnny since Pawter's death. Unfortunately, Boba Fett arrives no I mean Flick to end the Challenge.

The episode also has Zeph aiding Dav to attempt a mind meld with Delle through the green plasma. I know this often worked well for Spock, but Dav is no Vulcan. He does cross over and is confronted by Aneela, and he witnesses her forces. She also had recalled the warrant Delle sent out for Johnny. Dav can now relay the warning she is coming after Dutch and not worried.

This was a great episode, and I would place it in the top 10. I would give it a 9+.

1. note Zeph opens the artifact but appears she is going to keep it secret.

2. note Zeph closes the artifact with only her hand maybe she is already Hullen.

3, note That would also have been the reason she stayed behind in the test because she couldn't have died if it were real anyway.