#Killjoys S3 Ep5 "Attack the Rack" The Beginning of the End"

Killjoys hit us this week with an explosive episode that increased once again the pace for which the final confrontation will occur. The episode dwelt a major blow to some of the basic concepts for which the show has been based and left the history of the quad in limbo. This season has been almost solely focused on the confrontation with Aneela and appears now that this conclusion will occur by seasons end.

Dutch and crew devise a plan to snatch three RAC Captains inform them of the Hullen invasion and attempt to rid their units of any Hullen. The plan involves testing the Captains first then gassing their ships to test and kill any Hullen onboard. Turin's loyal RAC teams will lead concurrent attacks on the three RAC ships and kill the Hullen. Among Dutch's team, we see the re appearance of newbies McAvoy and Benji from episode 2.

The plan appears to be working until unfortunately for one of Dutch's men the gas had not worked on the Hullen. The team, as well as the RAC invaders on the other ships, have fallen into a Hullen trap. A firefight erupts, and Dutch and crew are pinned down by fire. Meanwhile, Turin and the Captains have lost any communications with their forces. They send Fancy to attempt to find the source of the ambush from the Hullen prisoner they hold.

Dutch breaks away from the team to reach the Ship's armory. She does this vintage Han Solo down a trash shoot. Unfortunately, she could have used a Wookie and Android support. Meanwhile, Johnny and Dav are captured by the Hullen. They also learn the traitor and are then subjected to questioning by the Hullen. Johnny is being tortured but signals Dav not to use the power he has over the plasma, but Dav shows his hand and blows up one of the  Hullen. The Hullen then take Dav away to their ship to bring him to Aneela.

Dutch does reach the armory but is confronted by Banyon. Banyon and Dutch square off and battle each believing the other is a traitor. Unfortunately, they both realize too late that they were fighting the same enemy and Banyon is mortally wounded. Dutch somewhat broken from the realization she killed a comrade takes the weapon she retrieved and goes after the boys.

The weapon is the device which when activated can kill people from a particular DNA line. We saw this weapon activated in an earlier ep resulting in an entire family being incinerated. Dutch gives the weapon to Johnny hoping he can alter it to destroy the Hullen that had taken Dav as well as all others within range. The weapon works, and it appears the team has won a major victory against the Hullen.

There are two final scenes each with ominous results. Fancy walks out of Pree's Pub and the team after a verbal altercation with Turin. Secondly, the group witnesses the pure evil of Aneela as she destroys all the RAC ships in the area they are heading. 

The episode for rating purposes I would give an 8. As a fan of the show, I lost confidence in their plans for future seasons. The season started with them attempting to build an alliance to defeat the Hullen. It also had the entry of Banyon who represented RAC groups outside the Quad. In a matter of 15 screen minutes, they killed all those characters with only two exceptions. First Zeph was missing and not mentioned in this episode. Secondly, Pree's Pirates of Ohron are still in the woods. Overall though I would say the series appears more towards heading to a finale than a plan for future seasons.