#Killjoys S3.01 "Boondoggie" Back with a Borg?

Killjoys returned last night in high action fashion with plenty of one-liners and new characters. It returned old school focusing on the interaction of the characters and missions involving somewhat zany if not crazy new plots.

Dutch is at first seen surrendering to what appears as a military outpost. It turns out to be the first step in her plan to search for ways to stop the Hullen "Sixes" / Aneela invasion. Her A- Team includes Dutch Dav Alvis and Pree and manage to take out the Hullen guard but only gain an ominous warning.

The team continues to an RAC meeting where we meet Banyon who has been sent to the Quad to investigate 437 RAC agents who have gone off the grid. She also confronts Dutch about the whereabouts of Johnny who has a series 3 warrant out for him. Banyon may turn out to be a friend or foe in S3 yet to be determined.

Turin sends Dutch and crew on a mission to find a black market trader Pippin(Atticus Mitchell) kidnap and force him to aid in the recovery of a Hullen signal beam. The beam had been discovered during last season's final mission.

The mission goes as well as can be expected from the series. They encounter underworld dealers fights in a sauna and are captured by enemy forces. The mission gives us some high action entertainment, levity and great banter between Dutch Dav Pippen and even Lucy. In fact, a scene where a captured Pree and Alvis are confronted with "You're a Bartender, and you're a Monk why are you on a Killjoys Operation" kind of sets the ep tone.

Ultimately the mission is successful, and we learn some details about the extent of the Hullen invasion. We also learn that Johnny and Dutch have been in contact although both are withholding details from each other.

Johnny, on the other hand, is on a quest for a missing Clara. They were somehow separated, and she sent him an S.O.S. from a cyborg only bar located in Rat City a new site for the show. Johnny's search only locates Clara's cyborg arm now in possession of Syfy veteran (Tommie- Amber Pirie) of Bitten playing cyborg Ollie. The two form a tenuous partnership to find Clara as and look into the disappearance of other Hac-mods from the city.

They meet some interesting new characters at the bar as and discover a possible link between the Hac-mods and the Sixes green plasma. It appears at least for the near future Ollie and Johnny will continue on a quest apart from the rest of the Killjoys crew. I fear the Hullen invasion might have already infected both the missing RAC agents and Hac-mods both formidable enemies.

Overall the episode rates as one of the best combining both the action and character levity fans love. It was a welcome departure from the dark episodes that ended last season but established new plot lines for the season. The departure of Clara (Stephanie Leonidas) was the only downside of the opener. It was great to have them back, and it should be a stellar season for our favorite bounty hunters in the Quad.

I would rate this episode as a 9. It was one of the best yet.

S3.1 notes

1. Regular cast members Hannah John-Kamen Aaron Ashmore Luke Macfarlane Thom Allison Sean Baek Morgan Kelly Tamsen McDonough and Patrick Garrow return.

2. Johnny has a Series 3 warrant not even top level odd if Delle a Royal Family member is actually dead?