#Killjoys S3 Ep 7 "The Wolf You Feed" Or "The Goddess With A Portal" Recap & Review

In an episode that poised some complex questions about plot lines, Killjoys delivered an exciting episode this week. In another week involving dream sequences, the story was focused on two linear plots. One involving Dutch Zeph and the Remnant and the creation of a fleet by Dav. Johnny meanwhile was attempting to be back up on both these quests.

Zeph explains to Dutch that she can inject her with Aneela neurons from the remnant and allow her access to Aneela's memories. The test while extremely dangerous is worth the risk for Dutch who must find Aneela's past and the secrets Khlyen has hidden. The results depending on which path you view the episode as a range from Aneela as a creator of Dutch to Aneela as being able to use the green plasma as a time portal. I am basing my plot analysis on the latter.

Dutch sees Aneela trapped in the cube by Khlyen for hundreds of years since her slaughter and torture of the scarbacks. Aneela stores the green plasma she extracts from her brain over time until she has a pool to transport through. This allows her to go back and witness past events such as her life before Archen. Aneela and also Dav appear to be able to manipulate the green plasma or control it like no others in the past.

In my interpretation of this episode, the Hullen and plasma are connected to time. That may be why others infected seem so numb of conscience because the realize they exist in an infinity of outcomes unaffected by any one event. What we have seen in the past as healing is the Hullen replacing the host with one uninjured from time. Dutch and Dav would be similar to 12 Monkeys primaries in that they are on a singular time line and recall their past.

Dutch sees Aneela in the sequence arising with her as a child before being infected with the plasma. Either she was created from her memories or actually taken from another timeline all that matters is Dutch is Aneela. I am somewhat basing my theories of the show on the second that Aneela took Dutch through the plasma ala Walter Bishop"Fringe." Dutch is hence Khlyen's daughter. He then takes her away from Aneela" herself" and hides her as the character we know. 

In this plot, we have some great virtual banter between Johnny and Zeph. We also get a glimpse into Dutch and Johnny's first meeting. We also learn more about Dutch's wedding and the worst wedding night ever.

The other storyline has Turin attempting to put a force together to fly the Hullen fleet against Aneela. Johnny thought he had broken the flight code for the planes, but it results in disaster. With Dutch gone on her vision quest, it is up to Dav to hold the Rebel Fleet together. There are Killjoys Scarbacks and Pirates ready to fight for Dutch who is missing.

Turin sends Dav in search of Fancy as an aid in learning to fly the Hullen craft. Fancy and the other Cleared have been in hiding from the Killjoys seen as traitors. Dav finds Fancy in an alley fight, but unfortunately, Turin had set him up as a ploy to expose the Cleared. The Killjoys round up and imprison Fancy and the others for testing on Turin's orders.

Dav decides to make his stand frees Fancy and the others and makes a power play for the Rebel Force. This results in Dav as a leader while Turin is placed under arrest. All the groups appear united behind Dav who has also realized that Dutch is too focused on Aneela and her past, to lead the other safely.

This episode gave us background and endless pun intended. Plot variations. I would give this episode a 9.


1. Khlyen makes an ominous warning about her finding out about Dutch. We need to know if he is referring to another Hullen leader or merely the future Aneela.

2.Johnny and Zeph now seem united as a team for the fight and the crew.

3. Dutch has also realized Dav is the one to lead the fleet.