#Killjoys S3ep2 "A Skinner Darkly" A tribute to Philip Dick?

Philip Dick, the Science Fiction writer who passed away in 1982, would have probably loved Killjoys Season 3 episode 2 as it seemed to be filled with plot tributes to his work. Starting yes with the episode's title as homage to his "A Scanner Darkly," I saw flashes from Blade Runner Total Recall Screamers Imposter and Natural City in Friday's episode. The episode reunited the cast answered questions about season 2 and moved us closer to war with Aneela and the Sixes.

The episode again starts with the team on two missions first Johnny in Rat City battling Hac-mods. Johnny still is searching for Clara but now has to deal with an injured Olli and appearance of the green plasma in Rat City. This mission leads Johnny and Olli to a mysterious lab run by a Hac-mod Niko "Viktoria Modesto. Her company has been using the green plasma as part of a plan to seek revenge on criminals who had participated in the slave trade involving Hac-mods. This plot involved the torture and replacement of these criminals with Hac-mods that are their replicas.

Johnny's plan to infiltrate the lab, of course, includes his capture torture and eventual narrow escape. We learn more about the extent of the green plasma and the location of Clara. This segment of the story has some great action and cool tech. I saw flashes of Blade Runner Imposter and Natural City in this segment. 

Mission two has Dutch and Dav on a mission with three RAC tech newbies in search of a new member of their team. Although Dutch states they will never replace Johnny at least three near tragic incidents make it clear that the two of them can deal with the tech about as well as Riggs and Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon. This mission gives us action and the one-liners we love from the team. It also has an appearance by Erik Knudsen (Continuum Alec Sadler ) ironically as one of the tech novices vying for a spot on the team. This mission ends with them adding a new team member as well as paying Homage to Total Recall. TR had key elements that appeared in Johnny's mission as well. 

The episode ends with the crew reunited, the addition of one member and possible additional future allies. Overall I would rate this episode as an 8.5

S3ep2 notes

1. Regular cast members Hannah John- Kamen Aaron Ashmore Luke Macfarlane Tamsen McDonough all appear.

2. Additional appearances Kelly McCormack Tommie-Amber Pirie Patrick Garrow

3. Mayko Nguyen appearance answered my question about Johnny's warrant in S3ep1

4. Horror genre Homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre (lab basement) not Philip Dick writers Kim Henkel & Tobe Hooper