#Killjoys Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review: "Wild, Wild Westerley"

As you know by now Killjoys doesn't disappoint, the last time we discover some memory planted in the form of flashbacks from D'avin that there is more to Dutch that meets the eyes then that opening of 2 Dutch or are we just seeing things or is Dutch becoming unstable or just vulnerable.

With all that has been happening, I'm starting to wonder if Dutch is a product of an experiment that Khlyen helped escape. From this season premiere the anticipation reach its peak this episode, for every question they had, it seems that the answers were in Old Town and as an audience, I was so eager to find out what has happened to Westerley and the people left behind.

To go into Old Town, our favorite trio needs a warrant and also want D'avin to be a killjoy once more; everyone was surprised to find out that Turin was still among the living. They threatened him and tried to see if he was a member of the level 6 club, he still had his wound which proved that he is still human. After some exchange words, he gave them what they came for but let them that it was a dead wish.

On their way there, they were welcomed by the new security system in a form of The Wall, to get passage it has to scan you entirely after a request to enter has been made, nothing goes as planned because the alarm was raised due to Pree or should I say Prima Dezz. I thought that I heard stuff but Mr. Catchphrase has a dark side that none of the Killjoys were aware and knowing Johnny he tried to get it out but failed and I was glad he didn't reveal it there. The Wall knocked them down, the four of them woke up in a room chained, Dutch unchained herself getting ready to help her team then enter another evil in charge and I thought Hill was worst, he introduced himself as Liam Jelco (I think Liam Jerk suits him better). He tells them that their mission is to pick up eight escaped criminals.

When reached the Royale (also known Pree's bar), they discover that instead of eight, there were only two left because The Company used a mummifying gas on them. One of the two left blew his brains out, and now all they had left was Tarren Tighmon, a political activist to track down, while there Pree decided to stay in Royal and he had to fight it off from some dude. Before then the same dude tried to steal some medicines from Pawter, who pleased me that she could take care of herself.

The reunion was quick and sweet, Alvis wasn't with Pawter and Johnny let her know that it was the time she contacts her mother for some help (Pawter is from the ruling families), she didn't want to, but Hills convince her.  The trio found Alvis, who lost the will to live and The Company turnt his own believers against him; he becomes a fugitive wondering around until he came across the trio who let him in on their mission. He guides them to Tarren's whereabout who then let them in on the truth about The Company, and he has been under the radar, he had some powerful words to wake up our favourite monk Alvis but was gun down before he could get his hand on the mummifying gas. The trio plus Alvis look for a cover; Alvis decided to use the gas on himself and the enemy of the people; he was saved by making him drink the entire river (I nearly lost it thinking that we were about to lose him). After a CPR and a mouth to mouth from Dutch and D'avin, he made it out alive.

After Hills get brutally killed by Jelco, Pawter decides to stay with him as a guess, to do something and help Killjoys. The trio was surprised, but Johnny understood straight away her motives and gave her a goodbye kiss and leave. He tells the team that was the only way he could plant a microphone on her to keep in touch.

Inside the ship, Alvis tells Dutch that it has been hundred years since the monks set the feet at Arkyn, while that conversation was happening someone took control of Lucy (the spaceship), panic inside the ship as they later discovered that Turin was the person behind it. He tells them that the RAC is compromised, he wants to know the truth and needs their help because he has been spying on them and knows that they're desperate to know the truth and should help each other.