Killjoys Season 3 Finale Wargasm or Into Oz We Go? Recap & Review

In a season that played tribute to many classic Syfy movies as well as literary classics, Wargasm held true to this course. It brought together many of years episodes and characters to battle Aneela in an all-out war for the quad.The episode was full of action character exploits but instead of leaving us with a cliffhanger went full steam over the side towards next season.

The episode focuses on Dav's plan to lead Aneel's forces into a trap. The plan to create a triangle zone where the sonic device Johnny created would disable the Hullen ships within it giving Fancy and his group of former Hullen time to destroy Aneela's fleet. This plan requires a ground force led by his group of mercenaries to guard and operate the sonic device from the planet.

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The second part of the plan involves Dutch making her way onto Aneela's ship and killing her. Of course, as most of their plans go almost every aspect fails at some level leading to an action-filled chaotic battle.

The Hullen space battle regarding the sonic device is superb. It combines great air battle sequences as well as action on the ground between Pree's forces and Hullen troops attempting to destroy the sonic device. The time pressure drawing from Classic Star Wars places the RAC ship in peril. Turin returns with Fancy and Dav's blessing and eventually helps lead the fleet in the battle.

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The second stage of the plan has numerous failures Aneela board's Lucy and stabs Johnny. At the same time, the Hullen rescue Delle and capture Dutch. This does allow Dutch at least to be in the position to confront Aneela on her ship. Dav manages to get to Johnny who is saved via medic treatment from Zeph and Lucy.

While the space battle rages. Johnny Dav manages to engage Delle and convince her that she needs to aid them in stopping Aneela from killing Dutch. They are of course really attempting to stop Dutch from killing Aneela and herself. They do convince Delle to break off the attack, but at the same time, the Lady's loyal fleet is moving into the battle.

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Johnny Dav Delle all make their way to Aneela's ship in order to stop the two from killing each other. In the midst of their fight, though Dutch was able to inject Aneela with a memory download of the information, Zeph had gathered from Dutch's vision quest. At first, it disorients Aneela, but then she recalls her lost memories and her connection to Dutch. The two decide to halt their battle and go after the Lady in the green.

The final act has Dutch and Aneela in the green plasma world along with Kylyen in a hunt for the Lady. The unified force is falling back as Aneela's forces have broken off fighting, but the Ady's force approaches. Johnny Dav and Delle are adrift toward the sun in a space elevator. Zeph Pippen and Lucy are searching for the others. Oh, alien spiders have poured out of the green plasma and started eating people.

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The episode provided action humor and plotted galore. It did not give us any satisfaction for either Delle or Aneela's past atrocities. It did move us ahead for a new bad guy in season four and cemented Zeph and Pippen as characters. I would give the episode an 8.5