#Killjoys S2 Episode 4 & 5 "Schooled and Meet The Parent"

When ever a mission does go as planned with our Killjoys? Episode 4, see them on a mission to escort children to a special school because they are talented.

Turin gives the Killjoys an assignment taking smart kids to a special form of education. D'avin and Dutch takes on the mission while Johnny goes on the looking for Pawter mission who was missing after she escaped Jelco on Springhill.   

I got a bit scared episode 3 when Pawter got knocked out, glad that she hasn't died but instead she was taken to a place full of lowlifes, where her strength got her a freedom (like winning the arm wrestling), but when they found out that she was useful due to her being a doctor, they became reluctant to let go but Johnny provoked a fight that led to a brawl between the local residents that easily helped them to escape freely.  

Pawter desperate to tell everyone that The Company is walling off all the towns on Westerly, but Johnny warned her that they need a plan before going forward and should stay with them inside Lucy until a concrete plan. Once inside Lucy with all the children, they head for the school whom is located on a space station but no one was there on their arrival until they met Delle Seyah Kendra who accused them of doing something to the children. After some investigation they discovered that student are put into a pod for some duration as their way of studying and when they emerge from it, they become experts in their chosen field. In this case something went wrong all but one student survive the freak accident involving a data surge and he was ready for vengeance, he nearly killed all the Killjoys until Dutch and Delle had to work together to save the day, during that experience it was also revealed that Delle Seyah knows so much about Khlyen & Dutch and willing to collaborate if Dutch will team up with her to know the truth. Click here for more

Episode 5 opened with Dutch's disaproval of the relationship between Pawter and Johnny, I don't like it a bit because I'm not a fan of love triangle at the same time we have D'avin flirting with a barmaid until he passes out. Nothing happened after he woke up and him and Dutch carry on doing warrant stuff and in this episode we get to see what Khlyen & Fancy Lee are up to.

While on the mission D’avin has another seizure but this time we see that with the help of the green stuff Khlyen get to control D'avin mind so that he can find his dad to find why he was immune to the green goo because that will the answer to all his prayers. Stubborn D'avin not willing to give in fight him to a point of them swiping body.

Disappointed Khlyen find out that whatever D’avin’s secret is, it has nothing to do with his dad, but through Dutch he finds out that it has something to do with him being operated on while serving in military and he tells Dutch that it wasn't her in Arkyn and everything he does is to protect her and isn't the enemy (hmm so who the hell are you then!!) 

D'avin use this opportunity to fight Fancy Lee, saves his deadbeat dad before he get back to his body.

Meanwhile Johnny accompanied Pawter to Qresh for the top of the bill  awkward family reunion. Pawter's dad is a decent person with no much power than her mother who control everything, she create a virus in trying to play with nature which goes horribly. The virus is spread in a form of fog, it causes your entire body to freeze by turning to ice (maybe because  the human body is 70% water)

Pawter was the femme fatale, chopping her sister's hand to save her from dying but this visit cost her both her parents. To me this episode felt like a filler, Pawter needed to get inside the powerful circle for what is coming. She finally accepted her true calling The Lady of the family and at the same time her relationship with Johnny is getting deeper and I can foreshadow that might cause some rift between Johnny & Dutch, the downer was that I felt as if Dutch is feeling something deeper for Johnny than just friendship.L