#TheWalkingDead Season 10 Episode 2 “We Are The End Of The World” In-Depth Recap

We Are The End Of The World’ was a backstory episode featuring the origins of The Whisperers, how Lydia was brought into the world of the dead, how Alpha became Alpha and how Beta was found and made into Alpha's second in command.



The episode began with bold letters across the screen that read ‘7 Years Ago’. It showed a woman passed out in her vehicle that had crashed. Walkers approached from the sound of her horn from her laying on the steering wheel. She woke up but not in enough time. She crawled from the front passenger side of the SUV and kicked walkers away. As she went to crawl under the vehicle, a walker grabbed her and took a chunk of flesh from her calf. The camera panned up and we saw a young Lydia and Alpha among the walkers covered in blood. The walkers began to chomp down and Lydia couldn’t handle it. She screamed. Her and Alpha ran for their lives until they found their way into a building where a strange man was. He let them stay for the night.

The episode came back to Alpha and Beta in the present time. He was shaving her head and discussing one of their own being weak. She essentially dismissed him. She wants Beta and the sisters to go out and collect new “guardians”. While out, one of the sisters acted strangely and the other sister (the one in Enid's flannel) got caught up in the gaze of the sun. The other sister told her to knock it off and they began to move on back toward camp.


In another flashback, Lydia had complained to her mom that the smell had bothered her. She asked if there was water. There was. She bathed the walker funk off of her daughter and out of her hair then went out to see if she could find any food. While doing so, she was humming. He heard it and told her to knock it off. When she went back to Lydia, she made her a bed in a padded room. A short while later, Alpha was headed out to go do something when a walker came. She killed it. When she rounded the corner, there were about five more walkers. She began to kill them but one grabbed her. The man came and killed it and they killed them all. Afterward, they talked. She told him that she liked killing him. That’s when she told him that he would be “Mr. B” and she was “A”.


Back in the present time, Beta and the sisters had returned to camp. He threw her down and was about to have a fellow soldier kill her when Alpha stopped it. Beta, angry, went to her. He told her that she almost got the whole pack killed and she told him that he won’t ever understand her pain. She told him to bring her to their dark zone. The girl was terrified, but instead of Alpha killing her, she showed her the generosity of mercy. She pledged to never sway again. But, while on a herd shift, she spotted a walker with a baby carrier on and freaked out, jumping on Alpha and trying to kill her. Walkers come from the pack and the one who wears Enid's flannel throws the one sister off Alpha and watches as she is devoured by walkers. When Alpha and Beta return, they argue again. Although the issue has been resolved, Beta can’t let it go. Alpha visits the sister that saved her life and gives her appreciation for the sacrifice. Later that night, Alpha anoints her as Gamma, third in command.

The next day, Beta was looking for Alpha. He went to their last campsite and found her holding Lydia’s old rabbit. He asked why she still had that. Alpha asked him if he’s lost his way. It comes back to 7 years ago when Alpha was looking for Lydia. She had run away covered in walker blood. It jumps back and he says that what she’s done was for Lydia. He asks why she lied to him. Then, he tells her that Lydia is gone. “She's my baby,” Alpha says. He offers his hand and she tells him that the others cannot know. He promises that they won’t know. It goes back to the 7 years before where a walker comes into the room and she kills it. B panics. He freaks out and goes to kill Alpha but Lydia stops him. Alpha hugs her and goes to him, saying “The world went dark so that we could follow a new path. C'mon, walk with me in the darkness. Walk with me, my B.” He refuses to leave the body but she says he won’t have to. He begins to cut the top of the skin off of his head. Then, it comes back to the present. He tells her that smoke had been seen by the border. Alpha says that the enemy must be punished and it’s time to return home. During their herd move, Alpha goes to a clearing and sees Carol at the cliff of her canyon.


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