#Legacies S01E06 Mombie Dearest Recap & #Legacies 1x07 Promotional Photos

Sweet sixteen

Lizzie and Josie's sixteenth birthday is here

In my opinion, this was the best episode of this series so far. I never thought Legacies could make me cry so much. I got many TVD feels from this episode.

It’s the twin’s sweet sixteen birthday, and just like us, they were expecting their mom aka Caroline to show up. Penelope dashes their hopes by telling them that Caroline is not coming.

Jo comes back after being dead for 16 years.

Jo comes back after being dead for 16 years.

Alaric is on the phone with Caroline discussing which monster might show up next when his dead wife Jo shows up in her wedding gown, looking exactly like she did the day she died. She says she doesn’t know how she got there. One minute she was dead, the next she was here. They lock her in his office with a basic boundary spell to interrogate her.


Josie and Lizzie siphon the magic and enter the office to ask Alaric about Caroline when they find Jo there. They ask her questions using the supernatural lie detector, but she seems to be telling the truth. Lizzie and Alaric are suspicious of her, but Josie immediately starts trusted bio-mom.


Hope keeps talking about Landon to Emma. Emma tells her she doesn’t need a counsellor, and she needs a friend. Hope tracks down Rafael to apologize and tries to explain that what she did was for his good, that she wanted him to be safe. Rafael asks Hope to help him throw Lizzie’s birthday party.


Hope teaches Rafael what do, aka wait by the stairs while Lizzie comes down and shows him how to dance. Rafael asks her how she knows all this, and she says her aunt aka Rebekkah is a thousand years old. This is her jam.

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Penelope locks Rafael and Hope in a boundary spell for an hour to give MG a shot to win Lizzie’s heart, but not before making a deal that if he fails this time, he would have to stop going after Lizzie.

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The second I saw Hoping coming down the stairs and that dance, I had a flashback to when Elena was walking down the stairs expecting to see Stephen, but Damon shows up in his place and dances with her. When Lizzie walks down the stairs expecting to see Rafael, MG does the same by showing, and doing his best to impress her.


Dorian finds an incident where some people have been yanked back to life just like Jo, and had massacred a whole village without even knowing about it.


Penelope tells Josie to go after what she wants and taking her advice, Josie goes to Jo and decides to take her to the party. Something makes Jo attack Josie and she buries her alive and tells Alaric to get the knife.


Alaric asks Hope to help find Josie, who then taking Rafael’s advice asks Penelope and MG to help her find Josie. While they are looking for her, they are attacked by a “Walker” and MG gets to be Rick Grimes.. He says, “To kill a walker, you gotta go for the brain. Everybody knows that.” And Penelope says, just call it a zombie.


Hope and Penelope hold down the walkers while MG looks for Josie. Thanks to the locket Hope gave Josie on her birthday, they are able to find her in time.

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Jo realizes that they need to get this thing out of her because no one will be safe until they did. She asks Alaric to tell the girls to siphon its magic from her. Alaric says the magic is the only thing keeping her alive, but Jo is ready to go.

Caroline’s real reason for being gone is also revealed when Jo asks whether the girls know what happens when they reach 22. Alaric tells her Caroline is on the mission to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Jo tells the girls to fight for each other, indirectly talking about what happens when they reach 22. She says they will understand what she means when they are older. She told Lizzie she has a big heart and it’s okay to let others see it too.

The girls siphon the magic from her, and she is gone.


Alaric finally removes his ring. He got to say goodbye to Jo now. The Necromancer shows up asking about the Knife, and Alaric knocks him down.

I think after seeing what the Necromancer could do, Hope would try to get him to bring back her family, but he would trap her in an illusion. Do you think we might get to see an Original in the next episode?

Here are the Promotional Pictures and Synopsis of #Legacies Season 1 Episode 7 "Death Keeps Knocking On My Door."

REMEMBRANCE DAY — As Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) hit the books to learn more about the latest creature to arrive at the school, things take a dark and twisted turn leaving her to confront one of her darkest fears. Meanwhile, Alaric (Matthew Davis) attempts to help Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) cope after his past comes back to haunt him. Quincy Fouse also stars. Angela Gomes directed the episode written by Julie Plec (#107). Original airdate 12/13/2018.

What did you think about this episode? Did you cry too? Lemme know your thoughts in the comments.