#Legacies Season One Recap

Okay, everyone. Let’s talk Legacies. It differs so much from TVD and The Originals, that much is clear. It seems that Julie Plec is going back to her old ways, and trying to market to a younger crowd, much like in TVD…but maybe for an even younger crowd. Since I have so much love for the TVD universe, I have to give my all to Legacies. I’m not crazy about it and it’s not my favorite – but given my love for all things Mikaelson, I will keep on with this series until it ends. 


So, this series is focused around Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall-Kenner’s daughter, the infamous tribrid, Hope Mikaelson. Now, where we left off after season 5 of The Originals. Hope triggered her werewolf side, and to survive her first transition after she consumed all of the Hollow, Klaus had to absorb the dark magic and dispose of it…the only way possible (or at least, quickly) and that was for Klaus to take it in, and then kill himself to save his daughter. Elijah joined him, as this was the only thing he ever wanted for Klaus, his redemption. I say that, and Julie would probably say that as well, but I would say that another reason (maybe not as big) Elijah simply couldn’t cope with aiding in his one true love’s death. I for one don’t like that Julie felt the need to kill Hayley.


I understand that it was almost “necessary” for character development, and a possible explanation why Hayley or Klaus would not appear in Legacies and let’s face it Mikaelsons or whoever they love/are involved with usually end up dead, so maybe Julie was just keeping up with the tradition. I still remember when it was leaked that Hayley was going to die in season five, and I honestly thought that because it leaked before filming was finished/aired, that Julie would change her mind, but she kept it in. At the end of the day, I suppose I do get it because there’s nothing like loss and darkness (albeit tremendous loss) that shapes a character, especially a Mikaelson.

 In season one, they had an interesting “schedule”. Each week, there was another “monster” that came to the school to wreak havoc on everyone. If I remember correctly, there was a genie, a unicorn who carried mind-controlling slugs, a dragon, a mummy, a giant spider, a gorgon, a weird fish monster, a human tree, the Necromancer….annnnd I think that’s it. All of the monsters seem pedestrian, but it’s still cool to see Hope and the others fighting them.

legacies season 1.jpg

They all have a very interesting dynamic. There’s Alaric, MG, Kaleb, Josie, Lizzie, Penelope, Dorian, Landon, Rafael, and Hope. Caroline is still mysteriously missing, but we’ll get to that later. Now, as we all know, Hope is a tribrid. Lizzie and Josie are both siphoner witches, Rafael is a werewolf, Kaleb and MG are vampires, and Penelope is a witch. Landon, we found out towards the end of the season is…a phoenix? Nothing has been talked about in terrible detail (yet) and we don’t know what his powers/abilities are other than when killed, he bursts into flames and comes back to life. 


We find out the big baddie in this season is a creature called Malivore. Centuries ago, a witch, a vampire, and a werewolf banded together to wipe out supernatural beings (I’m assuming except vampires, witches, and werewolves) by creating a creature called Malivore. These beings, “monsters”, would terrorize villages (dragons, for example) and Malivore would deal with them. Malivore consumes them, and when he/it does, something strange happens – they are completely wiped from the collective conscience…so it’s like they never existed, which I guess explains why The Originals never knew anything about them. Once a certain artifact was ”activated” all of these monsters were drawn to the school to take it, and return it to Malivore. So, each week when a new monster arrived at the school, they would all have some sort of connection to the artifact, or…one of them. It’s all very interesting. A bit juvenile, but interesting nonetheless. 

Malivore, in creature form.

Malivore, in creature form.

Now, a common question is, where the hell is Caroline? Last time it was addressed, Caroline was out in the world looking for information about the Merge. This doesn't quite hold up – unless a certain someone would be returning, Kai. Now, think about it. The entire Gemini coven was killed at Alaric’s wedding in TVD. Why would the twins even need to merge? I have a feeling that one of them is going to end up going up against Kai. I also have another theory. Candace is done playing Caroline. This means…pretty much only one thing. They can’t keep her away indefinitely saying she’s looking for more information on the Merge, and I don’t think she would just give up her position at the school, so I think that Julie will eventually kill her. Now, she MAY end up appearing in season 2. Lizzie has spent time with her over break, and Candace was also on a Legacies season 2 panel at Comic-Con. So…we’ll see. It’s also been revealed that a Mikaelson will be making an appearance, and it will be none other than Riley Voelkel who played Freya Mikaelson. Now, at the end of Legacies season 1, Hope sacrifices herself to Malivore, thinking that the only way to destroy it/him is her, being that he was created by a witch, vampire, and werewolf, and she is all three. That’s where Hope will be forgotten, and that will extend even to her family. So, we will see what happens! Legacies return October 10thon the CW. Come back here for a recap on the new season!