#LegendsofTomorrow 2X04 "Abominations" Recap & Review

This week's episode of Legends takes us back to the American Civil War, where a crashed time pirate ship has unleashed a virus that transforms Confederate soldiers into zombie-like creatures. The team investigates the crash site and comes across a man named Henry Scott, who is fleeing from Confederate soldiers. The team defeats the soldiers, but the man is mortally wounded. Before dying, he gives his orders to Jax, who learns that he was sent to steal Confederate army dispatches. Back at the Waverider, the team learns that without those dispatches being delivered to general Grant, the Union loses the war and America is split in two. Jax and Amaya travel to where Henry Scott was going to find the plans, while Sara and Nate seek out general Grant. Martin and Ray stay on the Waverider with Mick, who was bitten in the conflict with the Confederate zombies. 

Jax and Amaya witness the inhuman treatment of the slaves, which disturbs both of them. Jax poses as a servant to infiltrate a party that the land owner is hosting. At the party, he is confronted for coming in physical contact with a white woman. Jax is deeply annoyed by this confrontation and reacts sarcastically to the man. This gets Jax locked up in a barn, where slaves are being held. There he learns about their struggles and is broken down, by how blacks were treated during this time. Thankfully he is rescued by Amaya and, with the help of the slaves he is with, manage to infiltrate the house and find the Confederate dispatches. Zombies attack and the house is burned down, resulting in the deaths of everyone inside. Jax, Amaya, and the slaves make their way toward General Grant's camp.

Meanwhile, on the Waverider, Mick transforms into a zombie. Martin and Ray lock him in the med bay and Ray tries to keep Martin, who is terrified of Zombies, calm and helpful. They two are chased around the ship and are eventually sealed in a room. Ray comes up with a plan to spray the cure he has been developing on Mick. But for this, he needs to be able to get out of the room. He moves through some vents but is ambushed by Mick when he reaches his destination. Martin is forced to face off with Mick but succeeds in curbing him, leading to a humorous dialogue.

At the Union camp, Nate and Sara meet General Grant, who is hesitant to believe their story about the zombie horde. Sara leaves and returns with a zombie head, which prompts Grant to listen. Throughout most of the night, the union soldiers defend the camp, but they run low on ammo and don't have a lot of men. Sara comes up with a plan. She has Nate take a flair and lure the horde to a cart of gunpowder. There, he is, fortunately, able to activate his powers and lights the powder. All of the zombies are killed in the explosion and Sara and the Union soldiers find an unharmed Nate in the pile of bodies afterward.

That morning Amaya and Jax make it to the Union camp, where Grant promises to take care of the escaped slaves that they brought with them. Grant has a chat with Sara about the difficulties of leadership and the importance of conviction. The team departs on the Waverider, with the timeline, once again, safe. The episode ends with an interaction between Ray and Mick, where Mick presents Ray with Snart's Cold Gun and tells him that he is looking for a partner. Ray accepts the weapon and appears proud of the trust that he has earned and the opportunity to be useful again.

This episode was fun, which is the general idea of Legends. Arrowverse characters get to travel through time to famous points in history and have adventures. This one, however, cared the weight of a period where our country was at war with itself. It also touched on the deplorable practice of slavery that was regularly practiced in the southern states. The characters were all given a chance to show the viewers something new about themselves. Jax had several emotional moments and Martin and Ray were able to share their feelings. Sara was able to show some doubt about her ability to lead and Mick shows Ray that he considers him a friend and gives him the Cold Gun. It was a fun episode and cool look into the team's activities during the Civil War. 


-How did you like the episode?

-What was Future Flash's message?

-What is Ray's future among the Legends?