#LegendsofTomorrow 2x07 "Invasion" Recap & Review #DCWeek #CWCrossover

This week's episode of Legends concludes the "Invasion" crossover. The heroes regroup at the "Hall of Justice" and come up with a plan. They decide to go back to 1951 when the aliens first came to Earth and capture a Dominator. Cisco and Felicity join Nate, Amaya, and Mick. In the meantime, Barry gets word that the new President wants to meet with them. 

CW Justice League

CW Justice League

In 1951, the team manages to capture a Dominator, but government agents show up and capture them. While in government custody, Nate and Amaya question the Dominator and learn why they are invading Earth. The growing population of metahumans on Earth was concerning the Dominators, fearing their own security. Cisco and Felicity break into the Felicity and free the Legends. Before leaving, they decide to also save the Dominator. 

In 2016, the other heroes learn that the Dominators know that Barry changed the timeline and offer to leave if Earth gives up The Flash. If they refuse, the Dominators will drop a bomb that will kill every metahuman on Earth. Barry agrees, but the other heroes don't let him leave. Stein and his newly discovered daughter are able to create a device that, when activated, will inflict extreme pain on the Dominators. 

The Dominators send ships to various cities around Earth to try and force the heroes hand. The heroes gather in Central City to confront the aliens, while Sara and Cisco take the Waverider to stop the Dominator's bomb. Though they manage to hold the bomb, they have no way to stop it. They call Firestorm from the fight, and he tries to transmute the bomb. On the ground, Supergirl and Flash use their speed to plant Stein's device on the Dominators around the country. They activate the device as Firestorm turns the bomb into water, rendering it harmless. The Dominators retreat and leave Earth without the world.

Back at the "Hall of Justice," the President arrives and makes a speech, congratulating the heroes for their efforts. After a celebration, the heroes all go their separate ways. The Legends leave on the Waverider. Cisco gives Supergirl a device that allows her to travel between Earth 1 and Earth 38 at will. She uses it to return home. Barry and Oliver share a moment, and the episode ends.

The conclusion of the "Invasion" crossover was a worthy conclusion to the epic event which spanned the Arrowverse. Like Arrow and Flash, the episode was great in so many ways. The final showdown between the Dominators and the Heroes was easily be best superhero TV fight scene that I have seen. Despite the understandably fast paced story telling, the episode still felt like to took the time to finish the story.

The only thing that could have been handled better was the abrupt departure of the Dominators. After their defeat, the aliens left Earth and were not seen or heard from for the rest of the episode. It would have been nice to have a little cliff hanger or some mention of what the Dominators would do next. 

The departure of the heroes was almost as sudden as their gathering. Understandably, the episode needed to fit into a TV time slot and things needed to be moved along. However, this and the Dominators abrupt defeat, were no large concern given the scope of the over arching story and what the show runners were able to achieve.

All in all, the crossover was fantastic and worth the wait. There will always be things that people would have liked to be different, but the fact of the matter is that "Invasion" was a well told story and worked. Next week, all shows will go back to their individual stories. We will be seeing the Legion of Doom for the first time in a few weeks and from the looks of the trailer, their roster has filled up in there absence.


-How did you like the crossover?

-What do you think of Stein's daughter?

-Are you excited to see the Legion of Doom?