#LegendsofTomorrow S2 Ep2 "Justice Society of America" Recap & Review

This week's episode of Legends, continues where the premiere left off. The Legends come face to face with the Justice Society of America (Hourman, Stargirl, Obsidian, Commander Steel, Vixen, and Dr. Midnite). Unfortunately, their meeting is met with hostility as the two teams end up fighting, resulting in the Legends being defeated and looked up in the JSA headquarters. Nathan meets his grandfather, Commander Steel. The Legends try to plead with Rex Tyler, telling him that he told them about this time period at the end of the previous season. Rex, however, seems to have no memory of doing this and tells the Legends that they need to leave. The Legends agree to depart 1942.



On the Waverider, the Legends discover that the JSA are all killed in Paris a couple of days after their departure, on a mission to eliminate a Nazi named, Baron Krieger. The team travels to Paris, in 1942, to try and save the JSA. They investigate a club, where they find Vixen undercover. They are discovered by a Nazi officer and a fight starts. Both teams escape to the wave rider, where the Legends get reamed out by the JSA once again. Sara also notices a nasty bruise and fresh cut on Nathan. He reveals himself to be a hemophiliac ( a condition where blood doesn't clot), which makes him a liability in the field. They find that Krieger has the Askaran Amulet that he obtained to feed Hitler's fascination with the occult. The two teams move in together, to take out Krieger and acquire the amulet. They manage to get the amulet, but Krieger takes a super soldier serum (that Reverse-Flash gave in early in the episode) and transforms into a hulking brute. He beats on several heroes, resulting in Ray and Vixen getting captured. 

On board the Waverider, the Legends argue with the JSA about going to save their comrades. At the Nazi base, Ray is forced to replicate the super soldier serum for Krieger. The Legends and JSA finally decide to move against the Nazis.

The teams manage to save Vixen and Ray and kill Baron Krieger, but Commander Steel and Nathan are caught in the air strike. Back on the Waverider, Ray gives Nathan, the serum he was making for the Nazis which stabilizes his condition. Nathan and his Grandfather share a moment, and the JSA departs the Waverider, as the Legend prepare to leave 1942.

Back at the JSA headquarters, Rex is putting the Askaran Amulet in a display when he is attacked by Reveres-Flash. The episode concludes with Vixen finding a dying Rex on the floor

Though this episode was good overall, the portrayal of the legendary JSA was largely underwhelming. The JSA were bright, iconic, golden age heroes. What we got in this episode was a cold, condescending, and arrogant team of US agents. They worked well together, but their attitudes were largely terrible. Whether it's Vixen telling Ray he isn't a hero or Rex's willingness to let her and Ray die, it is obvious that this team is very different from the JSA that people know and love. Now, we all expected there to be differences. But to have the golden age heroes old reduced to a group of barely likable jerks is a bit of a stretch. Using Vixen as a spy in Nazi-occupied Paris also seemed like a terrible idea given the period and the fact that Nazis were a thing then. Dr. Midnite was forgettable and what few lines he had, sounded goofy at best. The struggle was arrogant and was under exposed.

However, it wasn't all bad. Though he never spoke, Obsidian was a fun character with cool powers. Considering they cast and old and young Obsidian, it's safe to say we'll be seeing hm again. Commander Steel was probably the most likable member of the team. Though initially a jerk, to both Nathan and the team, he does reconcile with his grandson and gives some compelling exposition about why he is the way he is. The interaction between the two Heywood's was one of the best parts of the episode. Seeing both teams in action was also fun. Heroes with and without powers fighting Nazi's is always a recipe for fun. I just wish they could have done more with the JSA. But, there is still a whole season left. I'm sure we'll see at least some of them again and maybe we'll see some of the members that were not present (Wesley Dodds, Al Pratt, Kent Nelson, Spectre). 

Overall it was a fun episode. I can't say it was as good as its arrow verse counterparts, but it was fun. I just hope to see more character development and, of course, more action. We'll see what happens next week when Nathan gets his powers and the Legends end up in what appears to be feudal Japan.


-How did you like the JSA?

-Who was your favorite member?

-What do you think Reverse-Flash is planning?