#LegendsofTomorrow S2 Ep6 "Outlaw Country" Recap and Review

This week's episode of Legends brings the team back to the old west. Here they, once again encounter Jonah Hex, being hanged by some outlaws. The team saves him and he learns of Rip's disappearance. Jonah explains that he is hunting an outlaw named Quentin Turnbull. The team discovers that the time aberration they detected was the fact that, Turnbull country is created shortly after their current time. The team investigates Turnbull and his operation. Sara learns from Jonah that a town fought back against Turnbull and his gang. In response, Turnbull boarded them up into the local church and burned it. Only Hex survived the flames. Nate, Ray, and Jax discover a mine, where Turnbull's men have found tons of Dwarf Star ore; worth millions. They also learn the outlaw plans on blowing up a mountain pass, which is the only way the US army could get into that part of the country.

The team acts quickly to try and stop Turnbull. Amaya and Mick blow up the mine, while Jonah and Sara face Turnbull. Nate, Jax, and Ray go after the train that is carrying the Dwarf Star ore. Nate stands infant of the train and is able to stop it, giving Ray access to the component needed to crate another ATOM suit. Hex defeats Turnbull and, instead of killing him like he wanted, arrested him. 

On the ship Stein is developing memories of another women, who isn't his wife. He confides in Jax and expresses his concern that he feels love for this woman. Jax and Stein fear that Stein might have changed his own past after his interaction with his younger self. After the mission Ray and Nate have a conversation. Ray shows Nate a suit that he had created. Presenting it to Nate and calling him "Steel", the young historian is trilled to have a costume and a codename. As the two geek out, Sara enters and reveals that their friends in 2016 need their help, which sets up for the massive crossover next week.

This week's episode was fun. Though, in the wake of the up coming crossover, it can be easily over shadowed. This episode gave us some good character development and unique interactions between team members. Amaya and Mick's conversations gave us a look into how far Mick has come as a character. Nate and Ray, especially at the end of the episode, showed us a couple of guys who are just thrilled to be super heroes and geek out. These interactions we good for a show with a larger cast. The show seems to be seizing every opportunity to have the characters interact and make us care. Even guess characters, like Hex, get some development. Though we only got him once last season and once, so far, this season, Hex is a favorite to bring back. This is also the only show in the Arrowverse that has set up anything for the crossover. Abrupt as it was, for a show about time travel, it can afford to be. Now we wait until next week, when we'll have a single story spanning four nights, four shows, and two Earths. It will certainly be exciting.


-Did you enjoy seeing Jonah Hex again?

-Are you excited for "Invasion"?

-Where are RF and Darhk?