#LegendsofTomorrow S5 Ep 9 "Raiders of the Lost Art" Recap & Review

This week on Legends of Tomorrow, the team finds their way to 1967. There they discover that their former captain, Rip Hunter, is a film student working on his movie "Legends". Rip seems to have forgotten his true identity and believes his previous adventures to be a figment of his own imagination. 

Stein and Mick stay on the ship to try and figure out why the latter is seeing visions of Leonard Snart. Mick reveals that the Time Masters did experiments on him  during his time as Chronos. Martin finds a chip in his head and suggests that if it is removed, Mick will stop seeing Snart. The procedure doesn't work and the audience is left wondering what the nature of Mick's visions are.

Both the Legends and the Legion of Doom discover Rip and the two teams fight over the Waverider's former captain as he and his props manager are caught in the cross fire. The police arrive and arrest Rip with the battling heroes and villains flee. The Legends manage to rescue Rip from the police and get him safely to the Waverider.

On the Waverider the team learns that Ray and Nick are loosing their knowledge and abilities. Upon further research Amaya, Nick, and Ray learn that Rip's prop manager was George Lucas and after the attack on the film set, he left film school and became a salesman. Without "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Star Wars" to inspire Ray and Nate to follow their respective career paths, neither of them become heroes or have the knowledge that they currently possess. The there of them return to Lucas to try and convince him to go back to school.

After a final showdown between the Legion and the Legends, both sides end up with a price. The Legends manage to retrieve an artifact that the Legion wants, but the Legion manages to catch Rip. The episode ends with Merlyn and Darhk preparing to torture Rip for information. 


-Where do you think the rest of the Spear of Destiny is?

-When will Snart return?

-Will Mick join Snart upon his return?