#Legends of Tomorrow S1 Ep15 "Destiny" Recap There is no Destiny

This week’s episode, much like the last couple episodes, continues right when the previous episode left off. The team is captured by the Time Masters and imprisoned in the Vanishing Point. Kendra is taken away and given to Savage when he leaves for the year 2166. Mick is taken to go through the Induction process to turn him back into Chronos. Sara and Snart were able to hide in a secret storage compartment in Rip’s quarters on the Waverider.  They are contacted by Gideon who has a plan to help the team. Rip is taken to the “Oculus”, when it is revealed that the Time Masters have been manipulating the timeline to help Savage take over the world. Time Master Druce reveals that less than ten yeas after Savage takes over the Earth, an alien race called the Thanagarian’s will attack earth. Without Savage leading the Earth, the Thanagarians succeed in destroying the Earth. Druce also reveals that everything the team has done has also been to help Savage. Rip is returned to his cell as Mick is released as Chronos to hunt Sara and Snart. Gideon helps Sara and Snart escape on the Waverider, which Sara uses to cause a distraction, while Snart breaks the team out of their cells. He is confronted by Cronos, who quickly turns on the Time Master Declan, revealing that he once again resisted the Induction process. Back in 2016, Jax has recruited Stein to help him get back to the Vanishing point. Back at the Vanishing Point, the team escapes in the Waverider and plan their next move. Jax is able to leave 2016 in the jump ship and make his way toward the vanishing point. The rest of the team learns about the Oculus and decide to destroy it, in order to prevent the Time Masters from controlling time. The team arrives at the Oculus, where Druce and soldiers are waiting for them. Druce orders the team to be shot as Jax arrives in the jump ship to save them. They proceed to the Oculus wellspring and get to work. As the rest of the team hold off the Time Masters, Ray works on the Oculus’ power source. A failsafe activates and Ray claims that he has to stay behind to allow the Oculus to detonate. Mick knocks Ray out and volunteers to stay behind instead. As the team leaves, Snart and Sara return to the Oculus to get Mick. Snart knocks out Mick and takes his place. Sara shares a kiss with Snart and takes Mick back to the Waverider. As Druce and reinforcements arrive, Snart blows the Oculus killing everyone their and destroying the Oculus wellspring. Time is safe from the Time Masters, but at the cost of Captain Cold’s life. Back in 2166, Vandal kills Rip’s family and leaves in the Timeship with Kendra and Carter imprisoned onboard. The Time Masters contact him and tell him they can no longer help him, he is on his own. The team mourns their loss and Rip learns that the timeline has not changed and Rip’s family is still killed. The team decides to go after Savage and finish the job.

This episode was fantastic. It was a fun ride from start to finish. We get a closer look at the Vanishing Point as well as the Oculus Wellspring. The Time Masters have a very impressive set up in this realm outside of time. To learnt that the Time Masters could manipulate the events of history however they wanted and that they did it to help Vandal Savage come to power was a fun twist. But what was even more fun was the reference to the Thanagarians. They are the reason the Time Masters are allowing Savage to take control, because they think he is the only way to save earth when the warrior race attacks Earth. For those who don't know, Thanagarians are a are like race of humanoids. In many of the comics, Hawkman is a Thanagarian warrior and that is the same for other versions of Hawkgirl. 

Aside form the comic geek reference to "Hawkworld", the big event of this episode was the death of Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold. He dies destroying the Oculus, which the Time Masters use to Manipulate time. With out it, they can't control time. His death was unexpected and upsetting to many fans, including myself. The episode makes the audience believe that Ray was suppose to die destroying the Oculus. But then, Mick knocks Ray out and takes his place. This is something many people thought would happen. However, when Snart learned of Mick's decision to stay behind, he goes and knocks out Mick and takes his place. This could have led into a round of the team taking turns knocking each other out and taking their place, but the buck stopped with Snart and he died, taking the Oculus and Time Master Druce with him. This event shook the team and led them to go after Savage and finish their mission.



-Are you a fan of Captain Cold?

-Do you think Sara will join the Rogues in Snart's absence?

-Where is Savage taking Kendra and Carter?

-Will the team kill Savage next week?