#LegendsofTomorrow S1 Finale "Legendary" Recap This is only the Beginning

In the season finale Rip drops the team back in 2016, 5 months after they left. Each member the team learns what has transpired in their absence. Sara learns of Laurel’s death, Mick goes back to thieving, and Martin reunites with his wife. In France, 1944, Kendra is trying to escape Savage and encounters an American soldier. She leaves a message for Rip in the soldier’s helmet; the same one that Rip has in his quarters on the Waverider. Back in 2016 the, team calls the Waverider back to them and tell Rip that they want to finish Savage. Rip finds the message and the team heads for 1944. The team encounters both Nazi soldiers and Savage’s forces. They are able to rescue Carter, but Savage recaptures Kendra. Savage explains that the meteorite that hit Egypt back in 1700 BC, was sent from Thanagar and held advanced technology. On the Waverider, the team finds that Savage was after a meteorite that the Nazi’s had. It was on of three sent to Earth from Thanagar throughout history. Stein figures out how Savage plans to erase history. Savage plans on detonating the three Meteorites he possesses in different time periods. This would create a time paradox that would erase time back to 1700 BC. Savage planned to detonate the Meteors in 1958, 1975, and 2021. The team breaks up into groups. Mick and Ray in 1958, Sara and Firestorm in 1975, and Rip and Carter in 2021. In each of the three times, the groups confront and kill Savage, who is vulnerable when exposed to the meteorite radiation. The meteorites in 1958 and 1975 are destroyed, but when the team regroups in 2021, they find that they can’t destroy the last meteor. Rip uses the Waverider to throw the meteorite into the sun and destroy it. The team returns back to 2016, victorious. Rip decides that his journey to protect time has barely begun. He invites the team to join him. All but Carter and Kendra join. The Hawks want to try to start over, now that they are safe from Savage. The two fly off and a damaged Waverider appears and crashed near the team. A man emerges from the ship and asks if it’s 2016. He tells the team that if they get on the Waverider, they’ll all die. When questioned, the man identifies himself as Rex Tyler and a member of the Justice Society of America. The episode and season end with the team’s reaction to his answers.

This was an excellent season finale. Combining the conclusive ending of Arrow seasons 1-3 with the cliffhanger ending of Flash season 1, Legends lands a compelling and satisfying conclusion to its first season. Everything the team worked for up to this point was accomplished and the team ended up in a good place, by the end of the finale. The episode was full of action, suspense, and drama. There were also some scenes that tugged at you heart strings. The scene where Rip was going to sacrifice himself was especially emotional. Seeing his family again and being able to hold them before his death was great and gave a satisfying conclusion to Rip's original mission. The second was when Sara found out about Laurel's death in her absence. Many fans were wondering how she would react and what her actions after the fact would be. Living up the expectations of the Lance family, Sara made some very irrational and emotion-feuled decisions, which ultimately led her to have to accept the fact that her sister was gone forever. This was coming for a few weeks now and was done in a way that was respectful to the Lances and the rest of the cast.

One of the best twists in the episode was when the team learned they had to fight Savage in three different time periods simultaneously. This led to an awesome fight between Savage and the Legends. The fact that they had to fight three Savage's meant that multiple members of the team could fight him one on one. Mick tough the Savage from 1958, Sara fought the one form 1975, and Carter and Kendra fight the main Savage in 2021. The episode would cut between the three times as the fight went on and it was really fun to watch and a near perfect final fight scene for the season. 

There was a possible Sgt. Rock cameo when the team went to 1944 France, but I'm not sure. Given that the Soldier was wiped out without a fight and honesty went out like a chump and the fact that the actor is not credited as Rock, leads me to think that the Helmet on the Waverider was suppose to be a Sgt. Rock cameo, but the soldier wearing the helmet wasn't him. It could very well have been him and he did die within a minute of being introduced, but based on how the show handled Jonah Hex and Conner Hawk, I doubt that it was officially him. In 1944 is also when we first see Firestorm use his transmuation powers to turn a German rifle into sand. This is Firestorms signature power and its great to see it finally used in the show. Firestorm uses this power a couple times in the episode and it is also explained that a similar power is used to material the uniform when Stein and Jax merge.

Now lets talk about the big reveal. It's been known for awhile that Patrick Adams, form the show Suits, had been cast to play a mystery character who would show up at the conclusion of the season. Most people had their money on him being the time traveling hero Booster Gold. It made perfect sense that this would be the character, with the shows time travel premiss and the connection between Booster and Rip in the comics. Another theory was that Adams would be portraying Alan Scott, aka The Green Lantern. This had less basis and was most likely wishful thinking form the fan base to get a Green Lantern into the Arrowverse. Though it was more unlikely than Booster Gold, it was possible. Alan Scott is not a member of the Green Lantern Corp and instead drops his power form the Earth itself. This could prevent the writers from having to acknowledge the Corp just yet and still give the fans a Lantern. This, however also proved to be not the case. In the finale, Patrick Adams makes his appearance at the very end to deliver the cliffhanger ending to the season. He identified himself as Rex Tyler, aka Hourman and a member of the Justice Society of America.

Rex Tyler was a bit of a surprise, but definitely a good surprise. I like when the arrowverse gives, previously unknown, forgotten, or less popular characters the time of day. Having a classic character like Hourman on the show opens up a whole new generation of hers for the show. And when i say "new" I mean largely un-used, as the JSA is in fact old. Speaking of the Justice Society of America, we could very well see a second team in S2 of Legends. An already formed JSA would be amazing to see. It would satisfy the fans who want to see Alan Scott as Green Lantern, and also give the show opportunity to bring in the older and lesser known characters like, Captain Steel, Liberty Belle, Sandman, and Dr. Midnite, and Starman or Stargirl. Characters like Jay Garrick, Wildcat and Mr. Terrific, who are already in the universe in a different capacity will probably be omitted form the Society or make cameo appearance. Characters like Wildcat, who have had the mantle passed on, could be re-cast and the real Jay Garrick has yet to appear in The Flash, so he is still possible. Having Hourman and the JSA could make S2 of Legends something incredible. As with everything it all depends on how the characters are handled, but I have confidence that it will be great.



-How did you like the Finale and Season?

-Would you like to see the Hawks return in the future?

-Which JSA member(s) do you want to see most?