#LegendsofTomorrow S2 Premiere "Out of Time" Recap & Review

This season starts with historical detective Nathan Heywood, trying to get in to see Oliver Queen. Oliver is suspicious of Nathan, especially after Nathan explains that he knows about the Legends and that Oliver is the Green Arrow. Nathan has noticed that subtle changes have been made to the timeline and that the Legends are being referenced in historical art and documents. Oliver and Nathan investigate one of the documents and end up finding the Waverider at the bottom of the harbor in NYC. There they discover Mick Rory, who is in stasis. They awaken Mick and he explains what happened to the team

Nathan meets Oliver (top), Nathan and Oliver find Mick on the Waverider (bottom)

Nathan meets Oliver (top), Nathan and Oliver find Mick on the Waverider (bottom)

The Legends were busy, stopping time criminals from changing history. After a successful mission, the experience a time quake, which occurred as a result of New York City being nuked during WW2. The team connects the incident to a missing Albert Einstein and go to 1942 to save him. Sara has her own agenda, as Damian Darhk is also in New York at the time and turns out to be helping the Nazi’s destroy the city. The team manages to get ahold of Einstein, but when the timeline remains unchanged, they realize that Einstein’s ex-wife, also a physicist, was the one kidnapped. The team confronts Darhk and the Nazi agents to save Mrs. Einstein, but Sara’s lust for vengeance endangers the team. They manage to save the Einsteins and destroy a completed atomic bomb, but Darhk escapes in a submarine.

After the team makes sure that the physicists are safe, they are ready to depart 1942. When they are about to leave, a team of costumed individuals, who call themselves the Justice Society of America, stops them. Meanwhile, on the submarine, Damian Darhk is threatened by the Nazi’s for their plan failing. He is rescued by the man in the yellow suit; the Reverse-Flash.

This season of Legends of Tomorrow has been highly anticipated, with the tease of the JSA at the end of the first season and a mysterious peril that awakens the Legends. On both accounts, fans will have to wait a little longer. Rex Tyler does not appear in the premiere and is said to have disappeared immediately after giving his warning. This felt like a wasted opportunity and a bit of a disappointment. We instead focus on the Legends trying to protect time from time criminals.

We also meet Nathan Heywood. He is the grandson to Commander Steel, a member of the JSA. This is also true in the comics. The main difference, so far is that the comic book Nathan was an athlete that lost his leg during a botched surgery. In the show, he is a historian. It is exciting to have him on the show, and we should see him gain powers and join the legends as Citizen Steel soon enough.

The only disappointing part of the pilot was the exclusion of the JSA. Though they do make an appearance at the end of the episode, the classic heroes are only seen for several seconds, making us wait for that much longer to meet them. Many see this scene as the highlight of the episode. I would disagree. Though it was a great scene, the instance that really got me pumped for the season was the appearance of the Reverse-Flash. He is clearly the man who is messing with time and having him, once again, as the big bad for a show is a welcomed sight. The inevitable Legion of Doom has two more villains to recruit, and there are rumors of a new villain being introduced in the show. It will be interesting to see the two teams battle sometime in the season

The CW's Legion of Doom

The CW's Legion of Doom


-How did you like the premiere?

-Are you excited for The JSA and the Legion of Doom?

-Who from the DCEU would you like to see make an appearance in this season?