#LegendsOfTomorrow S2 Ep15 "Fellowship of the Spear" 1 Minute Recap

The legends have the final piece of the spear of destiny and now they need a way to destroy it before it falls into the hands of the Legion of Doom.  


With the power of the spear calling to the legends to use it the team search for a way to detroy it. The Legion have other plans as they resurrect a fallen Legend and use him to turn Legend against Legend. 

With Captain Cold now a member of the Legion the Legends lose not only the spear but fellow team mate Heatwave as he joins his lost friend to change the world in their image with the power of the spear. 


Once the legends had all the pieces, it boggles the mind why they would assemble it rather than have Firestorm fly the pieces into the sun where not even the reverse flash could get to it, but no they assemble it because of *COMICS*. This series is a lot of fun if very silly at times. 

Episode Grade: 8