#LegendsofTomorrow 2x03 "Shogun" Recap & Review

This episode of Legends felt like it was created to develop Ray and Nate’s characters and to affirm hat they are heroes. That is one thing that bothered me in last week’s episode. Vixen and Sara tell Ray that he is not a hero. This is, of course, ridiculous of them to say. Ray saved the citizens of Star City when the League of Assassins brought a virus at the end of Arrow S3. He also was able to save the Legends during the Leviathan attacked last season. It makes Vixen and Sara come off as ignorant jerks, and though Vixen doesn’t know the Legends well and has been held to such a high standard with the JSA, Sara has no excuse.

            Nate is a fun character. He has a lot of development ahead of him and with his powers; he can take a beating without much worry of being killed. As an inexperienced hero, this is good for him and the other Legends. I’m excited to see the future of this character.

            The story of this episode was a self-contained weekly story, which for Legends is common. It was fun and set in a popular period. Next episode seems like it will be another self-contained episode. With a show like Legends, this works better than it would with Arrow or Flash, because of time travel and the bits of the overarching story that it drops each episode.

            This season has a ton of potential, and I can’t wait to have the full Legion of Doom together, facing off against the Legends.


-What do you think of Nate's new powers?

-What was Barry Allen's message to the Legends?

-Who is your favorite Legend?